Michelle Obama Goes Natural

Malia and Sasha at the young ages of 10 and 7 are sporting relaxers. What image would natural hair give First Lady Michelle?


In July 2008, before the Presidential election, The New Yorker presented First Lady Obama with a large ‘fro, ak-47, fist bumping her Muslim terrorist husband while burning the American flag in their fire place. They called this a parody.

Is it hard to believe that First Lady Michelle Obama would go natural. Can anyone tell me what natural hair really says?

Many times I received a natural hair complement, it is combined with an assumption.

“Oh, I love your hair” they say,

“Is that dreds (when its twist). You must be one of those conscious sisters, listening to Jill Scott while in a dashiki with your fist high in the air”


Last weekend I experienced a first in my natural years. While working a trade show for my full time job, a young man with his daughter in hand came up to my booth and complemented my ‘fro. His daughter was about a year old. Wow, he said, I never seen hair like that in person, just on television. Yes, he was Black. How had he, being from a black family, having a little daughter and black girl friend, never been exposed to virgin hair? In his defense, I did have a movie-star style ‘fro

Top five natural hair assumptions according to my experience…

(of course extreme examples are more interesting.)

1. Afrocentric—one with the continent, African center in thought—African people are the ideal, everyone else is wrong.
2. Independent—Risk Taker, no need to participate in society’s “straight hair” or the European standard of beauty. No fashion brand names, or in extreme cases deodorant needed.
3. Proud—Proud to be a part of the African Diaspora
4. Confident – Loves their self image, no need to compromise
5. Just damn Dirty! Does not wash their hair

As I type this list, especially #2 I can’t help but sing: India Arie’s song, Video:

Sometimes I shave my legs and sometimes I dont
Sometimes I comb my hair and sometimes I wont
Depend on how the wind blows I might even paint my toes
It really just depends on whatever feels good in my soul

So unconventional.

Do these top assumptions apply to all people with natural hair?
imageLisa Nicole CarsonimageLil Wayne

imageNina Simone imageEric Benet

imageConservative CNN reporter Amy Holmes