"Don't remove the kinnks from your hair, remove them from your brain. ~Marcus Garvey
Hair Craft Project

Hair Craft Project

I got my hair styled.
Not “done”, because my hair does not need fixing, and is not broken.
Chaundra Lockstar styled my hair of Naturals Salon.
Here is the pic she posted of…

Hair Craft Project
Sasheer Zamata on SNL

Sasheer Zamata on SNL

I watch Saturday Night Live - I don't always get the jokes. The episode with Kerry Washington was hilarious! Let's admit it, diversity of any kind is just more interesting.…

Sasheer Zamata on SNL
Naturally Happy Hair

Naturally Happy Hair

So, have you seen it yet?  Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! Natural Hair & Lifestyle...

Look how happy my hair is while I read the pages...

The first edition is the spring edition-…

Naturally Happy Hair
The Truth Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review

What does the truth mean to you?

For me, the truth means finding an inner peace.  Our event on April 20th, used natural hair as a vehicle to help others find…

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review
Richmond Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…

Forgive me, i have not been completely clear about the intentions for The Truth Brunch.

See, it does not matter WHY or WHEN you went natural. It does even matter if…

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon Rancho Cucamonga CA

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…

Special Thanks to Imani Nash-Bey, Owner and Senior Certified Sisterlock Consultant of Hairstory Natural Hair Salon.  Ms. Imani took the time to answer questions and give us an inside look…

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…

SCOSS your hair, all the cool kids are doing it!

My hair routine is simple.  I call it SCOSS!

Shampoo<br />
Condition<br />
Oil<br />
Shea Butter<br />
Style!<br />

How I detail my routine varies from week to week

When choosing products I am very conscious of price and hair impact!

Currently I am using…
ShampooTRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo.  (32oz for less than $5) I only require my shampoo to be inexpensive, and clear (to avoid product build up).
Condition – Just purchased DevaCare One Conditioner, I am

still on the fence about this conditioner mainly due to the cost.  (Ok you noticed I am super cheap)  I used it only once, and noticed my hair was easy to comb through BUT only tried it once.  So after trying it a few more times I will provide a review.
Oil Morocco Oil – LOVE IT!! It feels and smells great.  I noticed an instant softer difference on my hair.
Shea Butter – I love Shea butter!!!  It acts as styling butter. To shake things up, I am currently using Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme.  The curly buttercreme gives me a shinier, frizz-less smaller hair look compared to shea butter.  Curly Buttercreme has thumbs down on price!  Online it’s $20 shipping alone.  I went to a local salon, and they only sold the 16oz at $60! Yikes!
Style – I find my hair thrives in protective styles.  I sit in front of the TV and start to two strand for an hour or so.  I leave the twist in one week, and rock the twist outsthe following.  I wash/condition in between styles.

What is your hair routine? How do you deviate from my SCOSS routine?

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