SCOSS your hair, all the cool kids are doing it!

My hair routine is simple.  I call it SCOSS!

Shampoo<br />
Condition<br />
Oil<br />
Shea Butter<br />
Style!<br />

How I detail my routine varies from week to week

When choosing products I am very conscious of price and hair impact!

Currently I am using…
ShampooTRESemme Moisture Rich Shampoo.  (32oz for less than $5) I only require my shampoo to be inexpensive, and clear (to avoid product build up).
Condition – Just purchased DevaCare One Conditioner, I am

still on the fence about this conditioner mainly due to the cost.  (Ok you noticed I am super cheap)  I used it only once, and noticed my hair was easy to comb through BUT only tried it once.  So after trying it a few more times I will provide a review.
Oil Morocco Oil – LOVE IT!! It feels and smells great.  I noticed an instant softer difference on my hair.
Shea Butter – I love Shea butter!!!  It acts as styling butter. To shake things up, I am currently using Miss Jessie’s Curly Buttercreme.  The curly buttercreme gives me a shinier, frizz-less smaller hair look compared to shea butter.  Curly Buttercreme has thumbs down on price!  Online it’s $20 shipping alone.  I went to a local salon, and they only sold the 16oz at $60! Yikes!
Style – I find my hair thrives in protective styles.  I sit in front of the TV and start to two strand for an hour or so.  I leave the twist in one week, and rock the twist outsthe following.  I wash/condition in between styles.

What is your hair routine? How do you deviate from my SCOSS routine?