Guest Blogger: Loren

HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!!!  You may remember Loren from our 4th of July entry.  I ran into Ms. Loren during Happily Natural Hair Day.  Her hair, as usual was looking gorgeous!! 

For many, family seems to be a major obstacle in going natural.  After Loren went natural, her sister saw her fabulous results and followed.  This is what tends to happen 9 out of 10 times in my experience.  After you go natural, it is very likley you will convert on person into the natural world by just being around them.  Can you blame them?  You start having a new found confidence AND save money.  Loren shares with us, what she calls the ACCIDENT…


I call my journey to natural hair the “good accident”. That is, I did not make a conscious decision to become natural.

In November of 2006, I was preparing to go on vacation, and I decided to have my hair braided in kinky twists. I wanted a convenient hair style.  Nothing more, nothing less. However, I found that I liked the braided look and I braided my hair again several times following my vacation.

Now for the “accident”.  In April 2007, after taking out a set of braids, my relaxed hair and my natural hair became so tangled after my shampoo, that I had no choice but to cut the relaxed hair. I was mortified! “What am I going to do now?” I asked myself.  My chin length bob was gone, and all that remained was about two inches of thick black hair. I quickly decided to re-braid my hair with the intention of re-relaxing it the moment it was long enough to style.

As my natural hair continued to grow, I noticed how thick and healthy my new head of hair was. Wow! I never knew I could grow so much hair. I abandoned the thought of relaxing my hair again. My hair was relaxed for so long, that I never knew what my hair was capable of doing. I then began to research all of the natural websites to learn how to wash and detangle my hair. I studied about all of the ways to style and wear my hair in fun, classy, and sophisticated ways. It’s interesting how boring relaxed has become to me after I learned how to appreciate how special my hair was.

On a recent trip to New York City, my sister and I were walking down 125th St. in Harlem. I had my hair in a fabulous twist-out. This style happens to be my favorite. Anyway, a woman walks up to me. She has a weave magazine in her hand and she asks me “what kind of hair do you have in your head?” as she’s pointing to a photo.  I was like “huh?” She thought my mop of kinky hair was a weave! I was surprised that this woman thought that my natural look could only be achieved with a weave. I will never forget that experience LOL!

Speaking about my sister, she’s natural now! My sister Jamie has cut her shoulder length tresses and now sports a lovely head of thick curls.  She says I was her inspiration. Her hair is beautiful!

(This is my sister and me when she first did her big chop.)

Now as I become a mature natural, I try to help those who are curious about the transitioning process. I also share my experience with them in an effort to help them find a hair care regimen that works. I like to think that hair is as unique as a fingerprint. What works for one may not work for another.  I also try to keep it as simple as possible. With the exception of a good conditioner, I don’t spend money on expensive products. Detangling is a challenge as my hair gets longer. However, with patience and a big jar of cholesterol, I’m able to detangle my hair with little to no breakage.

(Here is my natural sister now. Isn’t her fro amazing!!)

I thank god for the “accident” that lead me to become a more confident and healthy person. I really believe that my hair, skin, and whole body thanks me for that accident.


Tomorrow is what Tyra Banks calls National Real Hair Day.  Be sure to share you two cents on the episode with me tomorrow!!