Why I Love Oprah

I missed Oprah’s Good Hair episode, but I enjoyed internet snippets.  I agree with Afrobella describing Oprah’s episode as balanced, unlike Tyra’s.

Thank Yous…
Chris Rock, Kudos for starting a dialogue on our dirty little secret, hair.  I have not yet seen the documentary but have heard mixed reviews.  I am waiting to see it October 23rd in Maryland.

Solange, thanks for keeping it real and saying… Yes, I am allowed to have a long straight weave in the future, but I embrace me right now.  That’s what it’s really about—Embracing You.  Besides, you can save a few thousand dollars by just going natural!!  But really mom, why was her hair permed at 4 years old? No wonder she was paying $50k a year to maintain a straight long look.  Seems like their are serious “standards” that are expected within that family…just like so many across America.

—Oprah, thanks for addressing this issue.  The truth is that this very real Black issue, is really an everyone issue.  People everywhere are obsessed with their looks, and improving them to look “better”.  Unfortunately for the majority of the world, “better” means pale skin, blonde, straight, long hair.  So if you’re like me, with very kinky hair that shrinks at any given opportunity, it is an upward battle to maintain a straight hair-do.

Thanks All Natural Blog: Video for shedding light on how the term “Good Hair” was used.  Maybe I missed this through my internet snippets, but Kimmay explains that the term “Good Hair” was refered to as relaxed and weaved hair instead of naturally long and curly (like bi-racial hair).  Hmmm, very interesting.  I’m guessing Oprah didn’t want to open the can of worms of our Color Complex.  (great book by the way)

Straight Hair
Many people may not believe me when I say, I strongly believe straight hair is a-okay!  I dooo believe, that before anyone commits to constant straight hair, you should wear/embrace your natural hair.  Don’t enslave yourself to one hair-do.  If you rather wear your hair straight, fine… but at least you love your natural hair, and prefer it straight.  If you’re like me, my kinky hair draws up so much, it takes so much time and energy to keep it straight—I really have to wonder if it is worth it.  One thing that is very real, is the Relaxer’s harmful chemical side effects.  So one should consider, is the hairstyle worth the chemical exposure?

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