2009 In Review

January 4, 2009 we posted our first entry, My Natural Hair Story.  Lady Kinnks presents, the Psychology of Natural Hair.  A blog is born!  Before taking on this enormous task, I struggled.  Does the internet really need another natural hair blog?  I decided to invest the time into creating a blog to speak on the natural hair experience rather than the “how to”.  Race, age and gender influence my experience, but it is amazing how different your experiences are by just having natural hair!  Can you believe there are enough stories to full a blog? Lady Kinnks blog is year old today!!  Within 2009 our Kinnks Directory grew to over 400 links all dedicated to natural hair!  We also successfully opened our shoppe, with three types of Kinnks Tees.

January 20, 2009 history was made! Our 44th President Barack Obama is sworn into office!  For me, words can not describe what this means for so many.  I am also glad to have a positive African-American family-role model that mostly EVERYONE admires.  Unfortunately, being the First African-American family- there has been small controversy.  One that I thought was ridiculous is the criticism of Malia’s “ethnic” hair.

Hair for many is somewhat of an armor.  I would have never thought it would stop a speeding bullet.  Last February, Ms. Bond stopped a speeding bullet with her weave.  Yes yal, her weave!  Read More

While visiting South Carolina State University, rapper David Banner made the comment “Blacks Don’t Love Themselves.” He said that Black women who perm their hair are examples of black on black crime and media control.Read More

April, we visited the Baltimore Natural Hair Show

We lost a legend, the King of Pop Michael Jackson.  Michael Jackson is one of the few successful icons who we’ve none from the beginning of his life to the end.  Just like we experience rights of passage from the afro to our our first hair chemical treatment, so did he.  Read More

In August, I also discovered my favorite alternate hair style.  I will always love the twist out!  But the ‘FRO HAWK influenced my inner rock star!  Read More

Southeastern Art Association ‘African-American Festival’ where we saw the come back of the high top fade amongst the young-ins Read More

August, with 90+ degree weather here in Richmond we went to the Happily Natural Hair Day event and took plenty of pics.  Read More  We had our first feature article in kinky fabulous thecoilreview.com, Riches In a Recession.  Our first online radio interview with Black Hair Talk Live.

Tyra has bloggers talking with the announcement that she would start her new season with her natural hair.  Natural Hair bloggers every where turned in to see the infamous super model without her trademark weave.  Disappointed we were.  The show should have been advertised as real hair, not natural hair.  Read More

Chris Rock’s documentary Good Hair sure had a lot of people talking about African-Americans and their very interesting hair obsession!  Read our Review

The argumentative ladies of the view even talked about natural verses relaxed hair.  Read More

Mattel decides to create a line of African-American Barbies, In Style.  We think better, Read More

The Movie Avatar features natural hair, Read More

Then to end to year, we hear a crazy teacher cuts a student’s braid, Read More

I had a few posts in which I asked you various questions…
Is Natural Hair Patriotic?
How does Natural Hair differ by region?
Is Smoking Natural Hair a contradiction?

Oh yes, and don’t forget the 9 Beautiful Guest Bloggers!

This is just a highlight.  Many more posts to review.  Well, I have learned a lot my first year of blogging.  It can only get better :o)  Thank you for reading!  Your feedback is always welcomed.  Shoot me some electronic mail to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!

Peace, Love and Shea Butter!
~Lady Kinnks