Ghetto Fab Wig

imageWhen I think ghetto wig, I think messy, unmanageable, plastic like.  Something with little class or taste. Sometimes the term ghetto is typically used in relation to something broken, and fixed cheaply.  But depending on who does it, it may be considered green.  We can probably talk for days on the meaning of ghetto.  Any hoot…

I quickly forget other people’s perceptions of ghetto.  For some, people see a Black person, and think ghetto.  What about Sasha and Malia?

During the day, I am a hotel sales woman.  A local country club called our hotel wanting to collaborate.  She explained how impressed she was with our Bellman.  She explained he was an tall African-American handsome man.  She continued to say she was so impressed with him.  He was polite, seemed to love his job and CLEAN.

I almost fell out of my hair.  I couldn’t wait to get of the phone with this Ignoramus.  She definitely meant well… but did she assume he would be dirty?

When Obama was running for President people kept sharing their disgust with the adjectives used to describe him…. Articulate, clean, etc.

Sometimes I forget, and I am quickly reminded.  Many people actually think Black = Ghetto which I am assuming means unruly, Ebonics talking, dirty people within our society.

This theory of mine is proven true by this particular product. (pictured above and below)

Curly hair, and headband equal ghetto?  Textured curls equal a costume?  I am not happy with their marketing…but I’m sure it worked…these wigs were probably flying of the shelves.

Thanks to Blogger power- Kohls responded to Afrobella and pulled the product from their shelves!

The fight continues…