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Gil Scott Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

If you are one of those people that like the sophistication, Afrocentricity and political insight of spoke word …
you are morning the death of
Gil Scott Heron.

Songs like ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” are examples of mental stimulation towards social change.

Life is like a circle, you end up where you started
If you end up where you started, ain’t no other side
Yeah, but if life is like a curtain than I’m 90% certain
I’m looking through at something…
Yes, I’m always touching something on the other side…
~Gil Scott Heron~

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Kinnks Natural Hair Fashion Tee Feature

Did you know we feature Kinnks Tees?  Front features our Lady Kinnks logo, and the back has the quote Don’t Remove the Kinnks from Your Hair – Remove Them From Your Brain!

Special thanks to Deb and Dawnyele for featuring Kinnks Tees in their videos!

The first video is TheGoodDrDave: Health Mastery Cooking with Deb.  A lot of people say that after going natural, they are making healthier choices with the food they consume.  The video below features recipe for Yellow Beat and Apricot Curry.  I just finished reading By Any Greens Necessary.  The book has changed my prospective on food.  I definitely have a goal of becoming a vegetarian in the near future.  With yummy vegetarian recipes like Deb’s, the transition will be easy! Did I mention Deb is rocking the best chucky twist out as well?

The second video is Dawnyele who gives us a shout out…thank you very much!  Dawnyele’s youtube page features product reviews, instructions and styling techniques….so check her out!


Would you like a Kinnks Tee too?

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