Lady Kinnks

Black Women’s Transitions to Natural Hair

Like many, I went natural by accident.  In high school I can now admit I was embarrassed by my kinky texture (some would call if 4c).  Without enough funds to buy human hair, and to re-do my micro braids – I had to go to school with a ‘fro.  Believe me, I tried playing sick – but it didn’t work.

To my surprise, I unveiled my kinnks, and world did not end.  I ignored the “You are brave to go natural” comments and embraced books like Nappily Ever After and India Arie’s first CD filled with self acceptance.  In 2000, you didn’t have the natural hair online support like youtube and other great resources of today.

After twelve years of being natural, I still get emotional seeing women embracing their kinnks. Filmmaker Zina Saro-Wiwa debuted a op-Doc

on black women’s decision to embrace their naturally kinky hair on the New York Times Opinion Pages.

Check out the short film here.