Sherman Hemsley Remembered

I have fond memories of the character George Jefferson growing up.

Actor Sherman HemsleyMy grandmother was in her late 70s when she went to take her test for American citizenship. The first question, “Who is the first president of the United States?” My grandmother replied “George Jefferson”.

As a child I always had an obsession with “being rich”. I was raised by a proud single mother. I never felt like I did not have. Attending private school, I saw the difference in my home verses my friends who had doctor and lawyer parents.

My goal, at the age of seven was to be an entrepreneur and have bags and bags of money. I enjoyed watching Duck Tales – and seeing Scrooge McDuck dive into his vault of gold coins.

I also enjoyed watching All in the Family and The Jeffersons on Nick at Night with my mom. She would always tell me about the people behind the characters. Hellen Willis is Lenny Kravitz mom in real life. (Amen was another favorite)

As I watched The Jeffersons then, I didn’t always understand the dialogue. What I did know, if I worked hard like George, I too could have my very own piece of the American dream – success.

RIP Sherman Hemsley