How do you define Natural?

howdoyoudefinenaturalhair?The definition of natural hair various person to person.

Some may feel if you use a hot comb or flat iron to straighten your hair you are not natural.  They may even say if you chemically color your hair, you are no longer natural.  Others on the more lenient side may encompass all who are chemically free into the natural definition.
I however beg to differ with both definitions.

It is okay to take advantage of your hair’s versatility by wearing it kinky or straight?  Of course!  Our definition of natural are for those who embrace their kinnks.

Although Oprah, Wendy Williams and Angela Williams have professed their love for chemically-relaxer free hair, we do not consider them natural.  One who labels them self natural embraces their kinnks while in the public eye.

Jill Scott, Viola Davis, Chrisette Michelle, and Tracy Ellis Ross can be seen rocking straight doos, however we still embrace them as naturals.

What are your requirements to be a part of #team natural?