Creator Kim Williams on Unwritten Rules Webseries

You may be familiar with Kim’s webseries The Unwritten Rules featuring actress Aasha Davis.  The webseries is based on Kim William’s first book.

Kim Williams is not new to the scene, she has been a writer and producer for over 15 years within the entertainment industry.  In 2003, Williams formed Butterfly Ink Publishing and published her first novel, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman”.  After the success of her first novel, she decided to focus on her career on writing.

We asked Ms. Williams to share more about her career, and natural hair experience…

It seems as a community we are good at using comedy to address real shity issues!  What inspired you to write the book 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule, then the web series Unwritten Rules?

Kim: For years I would talk to other Black women and we all had similar experiences at work being either the only Black person or one of a few. At the time, I was really trying to discover myself as a writer. One day, I sat down to just start writing something and the book came out. Growing up around Black people and not really knowing a white person until college, it was sometimes difficult for me to understand and embrace the reality of being black in a white workplace. I was constantly struggling to fit in and at the same time stay true to myself. It was definitely a journey of learning that’s it’s okay to be different and to embrace it. I wanted to share my journey with not only Black people but my white co-workers. Through work, I developed friendships with white people for the first time. I eventually realized that they had no idea what I was going through because it wasn’t their reality. So, I wrote the book to say, “This is how I feel; This is my reality”. However, I knew I had to add the comedy for people to be willing to keep reading.

Even though the book came out in 2004, the topics are still relevant today (even with a Black President-lol) so I thought a web series was the perfect medium to introduce the book.

Kim Williams on the set of Unwritten Rules

How would you describe your natural hair experience and why? How did being natural contribute to your napp-renership?

Kim: I decided to go natural in 2004 only because I was tired of giving up my Saturday to the salon. However, over the years, it has become more about me embracing my true self/identity. My natural hair has really contributed to my freedom for the goal of living a truly authentic life.

You’ve worked for corporate American, and other projects like Bitch. What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Kim: My proudest accomplishments are really divided… Every accomplishment has a different meaning. I think releasing my first book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule”, was my first proudest moment because it was my first published project. I was also proud of myself that I was courageous enough to start a dialogue that needs to be heard but for many reasons have been ignored and pacified by both sides.

What’s your next project?

Kim: I’m writing my third book (the 2nd book of the “Miles and Zoey” series). We’re also working to do another run in New York for BITCH. I’m also developing a new web series. Pretty busy…

Advice for others interested in writing or starting their own web series?


It’s important to create any form of art from passion first. When it comes from that place, everything will fall in place.

The entire process of doing a web series is hard work especially when there’s no budget and you’re wearing so many hats, so passion has to be there.

Anything else you’d like to add…

Kim: My hope for the book and now the web series is that the dialogue will begin. Yes, it’s 2012 and we’ve come a long way with race; however perceptions (on all sides) are still there. And we can’t expect them to disappear on their own if no one is willing to expose and talk about them.

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