Tomiko Fraser Hines on Natural Hair and Motherhood

I decided to create a separate post on Why I Love Tomiko Fraser Hines Hair. Tomiko, model and actress has agreed to discuss her Kinnks…

Photo by Derek Blanks

Lady Kinnks: Congratulations on being prego!! I enjoy watching your channel chrisandtomikotalk2u. Not only are you an inspiration by just wearing your natural hair, your videos also portray positive Black marriage!

What inspired you and Chris start your channel?
Tomiko: We want to have our own network talk show and we wanted to build a following where we could showcase our loving and playful marriage. The videos have received a great response. We have so much fun shooting these videos and are still working towards having our own show.

Lady Kinnks:  What part of motherhood are you most excited about?
Tomiko: I am most excited about the new way of loving another human being I’m about to experience. I have the great fortune of experiencing life-altering love in my marriage and from my friends and family. But I can’t wait to feel the love of a mother for her children. I hear it’s amazing and I’m really looking forward to it.

Lady Kinnks:  When I was in high school, I posted your picture all over my myspace page. You were the first model I felt I could physically relate to, down to the hair type! Have you always been natural?
Tomiko: Thank you for the lovely compliment. As an adult, I have been natural for over 10 years. Though I did wear wigs and weaves for a portion of that time. Ever since my second Big Chop in February 2011, I’ve been proudly rocking my TWA and I absolutely love it!!!

Lady Kinnks:  When you started your natural hair career, did you consciously decide to be natural instead of wearing more popular straight styles?
Tomiko: I was “forced” to wear my hair natural due to severe scalp damage and breakage from having worn relaxers for many years. I was not happy to have to wear my hair natural at the time. I wasn’t nearly as self-confident and self-defined as I am now and worried too much about how others would see me. Boy am I glad those days are over!

Lady Kinnks:  Did your natural hair work to your advantage becoming Maybeline’s first African-American and longest spokesperson?
Tomiko: I wasn’t wearing my hair natural when Maybelline first signed me to an exclusive-contract. At the time, I was wearing a weave. It was during my time with them that I had to refrain from relaxing my hair and start wearing it natural. I was VERY concerned about how they would take that news, especially because I was contractually obligated to keep my appearance as it was when they hired me. But after explaining my scalp situation, they embraced my natural hair. From then on, I would alternate between wearing a weave and my own natural hair for my shoots with them. I was grateful to them for allowing me to do so.

Lady Kinnks:  We love seeing you in the Cheerios and Gain commercials. Is it true that you are now focusing more on acting? Any new roles we should look for you in?
Tomiko: I recently shot a Nissan Altima commercial that is still airing and I am one of the leads in an upcoming romantic comedy called “Ex Free” that is slated to be in theaters in 2013.

Lady Kinnks:  How do you feel your natural hair reflects your inner self?
Tomiko: My entire physical being, including my natural hair, is a reflection of who I am. I’ve worked hard to achieve the level of self-comfort and acceptance that I now have and I feel like all of who I am reflects that inner peace & joy.

Lady Kinnks:  We’ve seen your BC, twist out and even teeny weeny afro (twa). What styles are you rocking now, and why?
Tomiko: I’m currently wearing my TWA. It’s my favorite hairstyle by far. One because it’s so easy to take care of and two, because I love how it looks on me. : )

Lady Kinnks:  Anything else you’d like to add???
Tomiko: I’d like to invite your readers to keep up with and read my daily inspirational messages at:

They can also subscribe to the YouTube channel that my husband and I have…we’re fun. 🙂

Lady Kinnks:  Thank you Tomiko!!