Natural Hair Salon Houston TX: Natural Resources with Tamika Fletcher

I am a strong beliver that once you go natural, your world changes.  Not just because of your hair style – but a new desire to live healthier than you did before.

Co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, and creator of Earth’s Nector – Tamika is no joke!

She knows her stuff.  I’ve tried to watch ALL of Tamika video, and believe me there are many.  The videos alone demonstrate her creativity for natural hair styles, innovation for diy products and the actual knowledge of the science behind product benefits.

We’re happy to feature

Natural Resources Salon

Name and What do you do at your salon… (owner, stylist, etc)
My Name is Tamika Fletcher and I the co-owner and a stylist at Natural Resources Salon.

What inspired you to do so [co-own Natural Resources Salon]?
When I went natural the DIY approach was close to my only option. I recognized a need for quality natural hair service as well as natural products that were natural and worked without excess chemicals and fillers.  I also recognized the need for general natural hair education. Most cosmetology curriculum begins education with relaxers.  I believe
educating my clients on natural hair feels like an oral history story I’m meant to share from my chair!Natural Resource Salon Houston TX

What makes your Natural Resources Salon stand out from others Salons?
Natural Resources is the only Houston-base natural hair salon that offers safe, locally produced hair extensions called Wildflower hair.

Natural Resources has appeared on every news station in Houston offering expert advice on healthy haircare.

Natural Resources offers in-house hair loss prevention laser treatment.
Natural Resources is the only natural hair salon in Houston that offers 100% organic beauty products, called Earth’s Nectar, created by the owners.

Natural Resource Salon Houston TX 3Natural Resource Salon Houston TX Model








What came first, creating natural hair products, or your natural hair journey and why?

My natural hair journey was first. I loved experimenting with products but I could never figure out which ones worked best for my hair.  It seemed like after prolonged use of any product my hair rejected it.  Understanding ingredients were the key to unlocking my search for better products. Once I understood which ingredients work best on curly hair  the journey was much easier.

Tamika Fletcher at Natural Resources Salon Earth's Nectar
What is your favorite hair recipe?
I call it Green Eggs and B.A.M Hair smoothie

I pack a small amount of each ingredient below into 1/4 c and blend into a green creamy paste. Apply to wet hair for 15 minutes.  Rinse with lukewarm water. Enjoy nourished shinier curls the natural way!

Egg yolks
Vitamin e capsule.

What inspired you to create Earth’s Nectar?
The products were inspired by a request or general hair complaint that my clients expressed during appointments or consultation. I wanted products and services that addressed their chief complaints –  dryness, brittle hair, itchy scalp, thinning hair etc. I looked to nature for solutions  to  their problems.  Each year we add products that directly address a need.

Earths nectarWhat projects can we expect from you in the near future?
I also tape a monthly segment on Deals on The Live Well Network! DIY ideas that any one can try from their kitchen for hair and skin care.

We are planning to create more YouTube tutorials in the near future on DIY beauty and style so stay tuned to Natural Resources TV on Youtube.