Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamonga CA

Special Thanks to Imani Nash-Bey, Owner and Senior Certified Sisterlock Consultant of Hairstory Natural Hair Salon.  Ms. Imani took the time to answer questions and give us an inside look into their exclusive natural hair salon…

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Hairstory Natural Hair Salon

How large is your team?
We currently have a team of five consultants that range from trainees to certified consultants.

Hair Story TeamDo you exclusively style natural hair?
Currently, our staff only styles natural hair. We do not perform chemical services. However, some clients prefer to go to a colorist and return to us for the styling and maintenance of their hair.

What is your natural hair specialty?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, traditional locks, twists, children styling, transitioning and other natural styles.

How long have you been doing natural hair?
I have been doing natural hair for over 12 years.

What inspired you to do so?
I wanted to provide an alternative to the traditional hair shop and provide a natural hair salon that focuses on helping you become a more natural you.

What makes your salon stand out from others?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon is different than any other salon because you will receive specialized one-on-one attention. We work by appointments only to make sure you are getting all the attention you need to help you be a better you. There is no waiting at Hairstory. At our Salon, you will find a relaxing, comforting and professional environment to help you unwind. It is also a great place to network and meet many other Sisterlock clients. Additionally, we service men (yes there are Brotherlocks), women and specialize in children. We believe in respecting your privacy, as a result we offer a separate back room for any client that would like a more private environment.

Inside Hair Story Natural Hair Salon

If you could be any natural hairstyle – what would it be any why?
Sisterlocks, of course! Sisterlocks lets you take full advantage of your own natural hair. They give you the choice to maintain many different styling options. Sisterlocks makes those bad hair days, good hair days with less maintenance and fuss.

Do you have hair envy for any natural hair celebrities?
Not at all, I love seeing the different styles and flexibility that our hair has to offer.

What do you think about the upward trend of natural hair?
I am excited to see it return to mainstream media and in our everyday lives. It is good to see people embrace who they truly are.

What type of suggestions do you have for healthy natural hair?
Make sure that you communicate regularly with your consultant. Go with the finest and seasoned veterans who know what is best for your hair and that have a success record of long-term happy clients.

How can people reach you?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon
8070 Archibald Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(951) 533-2380

Hairstory motto: “Our hairstory has deep rooted history!”