The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review

What does the truth mean to you?

For me, the truth means finding an inner peace.  Our event on April 20th, used natural hair as a vehicle to help others find their own inner peace through self acceptance.

Our intimate brunch started with networking, socializing and sharing stories of growth and transition.

Lots, Lots of Giveaways!

Special thanks to…

…gift boxes from My Sistahs Keeper

…gift bags by Adiva Naturals

Black Earth Products loot bags filled with sample products

The Rasta Group for tees, full size products and samples

Qoileez accessories

Dramas of a Bald Head Queen

Of course we gave away Kinnks Totes!

Very Special thanks, love and appreciation to our presenters!!

(Pictured left to right Nadira, Kenyada, Lady Kinnks, and Angela Elizabeth)

 Our fabulous presenters dropped serious facts, opinion and knowledge to the Brown women in the room.

Angela Elizabeth shared The Scientific Truth About Hair.
Our bodies are made of millions of cells, and need to be nourished accordingly.

Kenyada was all about The Truth about being a Naturalista.  She discussed the importance of staying grounded and being aware of “crutches” you may use to hide your insecurities.  Your strongest hair is around your crown.  Around your CROWN!

Nadira provided the last presentation discussing  The Truth about hair products.  liontress32 summed up Nadira’s product ingredients dos and donts nicely on her blog Whimsoulcal.

M Bistro served fabulous culinary expressions.  I had cheesy Shrimp N Grits.
I definitely need to go back and have them again!

The next Truth Event will take place on Sunday October 6, 2013

Lady Kinnks