Sheryl Underwood’s Self Hatred

The largest hatred to overcome is that of the self.  I am so happy about the growth of natural hair.  So many women of color who would have never considered embracing their curls have ditched the creamy crack to embrace their god given strands.

We are now working to program ourselves to embrace our god given attributes- but sometimes we slip and show we truly don’t value ourselves.

I haven’t had a positive few of The Talk especially many of the comments of Aisha and Sheryl.  The panel was asked their opinion about Heidi Klum saving her sons’ afro hair after a trim.  Sheryl Underwood used it as an opportunity to talks negatively about curly, nappy, beady hair – why would you want to save that?

I respect that Sheryl apologized for her inappropriate joke, however it shows a much larger issue. 

Self hatred, especially among Black women and their kinky hair!