Hair Craft Project

I got my hair styled.
Not “done”, because my hair does not need fixing, and is not broken.
Chaundra Lockstar styled my hair of Naturals Salon.
Here is the pic she posted of my new do …

Lady Kinnks by ChaundraDuring my styling, Chaundra mentioned her work was featured at 1708 Gallery until March 8, 2014 but a special event would take place with special guests Bill Gaskins and juror A’Lelia Bundles.

theevent2When I arrived at the event, I was overwhelmed with joy.  While I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, it exceeded my expectations.
See, creator Sonya Clark of The Hair Craft Project displayed the art of hair in a unique way.  She used word of mouth to find stylist to style her own hair.  Her head was the canvas.  She took it a step further by giving each of the artist a canvas with with hand stitched threads to manipulate into a design.

The Starting Canvas..


The 1708 gallery states:

The Hair Craft Project is based on the premise that hairdressing is the primordial textile art form—hairdressing is the earliest manipulation of fiber toward an aesthetic and functional purpose.

Some of the stylists creations…



More on the Presenters and artist in next post…