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Naturally Happy Hair

So, have you seen it yet?  Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! Natural Hair & Lifestyle…

Look how happy my hair is while I read the pages…

The first edition is the spring edition- and I LOVE IT!  Co-founders Crystal Knight and Chimere Norris laced the magazine pages with helpful information in an appealing way featuring beautiful naturals.  The cover features Dr. Nina Ellis-Hervey, and oh yeah me on page 10!!  (check out the image below).

Seriously, check out their site

Build Your Natural Hair Essential Kit in 10

natural hair essentials must have kit

Here are mine…

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
    For obvious reasons.

  • Micro fiber towel
    After washing your hair – micro fiber verses terry cloth towels prevent snags.  You can find an inexpensive towel in the car supply section, or just use an old t shirt.

  • Butterfly Clamps
    Before styling – use clamps to part in a minimum of four sections

  • Wide Tooth Comb
    Helps rake large sections of kinks

  • Rat Tail Comb
    Use the end for neat parts.  I’ve been known to be resourceful, and even use the end of a pen!

  • Denman Brush
    I was very skeptical about using this plastic brush on my thick kinky hair, but wow – now I can’t live with out it.

  • Oil
    Add a few drops of oil to each section.  My top favorite oils are jojoba, coconut, vitamin E, aragan / Moroccan oil or castor oil.

  • Spray Bottle
    I get the most twist-out definition by competing twists on dry hair with light sprays of water

  • Satin Bonnet
    No style is complete – without preserving it at night with a sexy, well not so sexy cover

What is in your natural hair essential kit?

Fall Fest

Lady Kinnks Fall FestI love Fall!! This is a slight change from my elementary school years.  Every season, including Halloween we performed.  Like clock work, every October we preformed the song …

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Tower from Carytown Cupcakes

Jack-o-Lantern… Jack-o-Lantern
You are such a funny sight
As you sit in the window
Looking out at the night
Once you were a yellow pumpkin
Growing on a sturdy vine
Now you are a Jack-o-Lantern
Let the candle light shine

Why the torment you ask? We’ll my government name is Jacqueline.  All the kids would point to me, and look at me singing.  Oh the agony!  Jack-o-Lantern.  I will never looked at a pumpkin the same way.

Now I love fall because there is something in the air.  To me its a chance to cleanse, start over; like shed extra baggage.  Awww, there is a new energy in the air.

Be safe in whatever Halloween activities you have planned!

TRUE LIFE: Natural Hair

There has been a lot of buzz about a casting call for MTV’s True Life on Hair

I feel my obsessed should grant me my very own episode of TRUE LIFE, so I wrote the following letter…

imageDear Casting Director,

I have attached a picture of myself admiring my hair. I am still working on my growth journey.

Yes, my reflection in a mirror makes me stop and check out my kinnks.

Is your hair your obsession?  Yes.  I dedicated an entire website to natural hair.

Do your friends and family think you are out of control with your hair obsession? Yes, they tell me daily.

Do you spend hours of your day and week to style and manage your hair? Yes, but don’t most women?

Are you digging yourself into a financial hole just to deal with your hair? The term is product junkie.

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