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Natural Hair Salon Houston TX: Natural Resources with Tamika Fletcher

I am a strong beliver that once you go natural, your world changes.  Not just because of your hair style – but a new desire to live healthier than you did before.

Co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, and creator of Earth’s Nector – Tamika is no joke!

She knows her stuff.  I’ve tried to watch ALL of Tamika video, and believe me there are many.  The videos alone demonstrate her creativity for natural hair styles, innovation for diy products and the actual knowledge of the science behind product benefits.

We’re happy to feature

Natural Resources Salon

Name and What do you do at your salon… (owner, stylist, etc)
My Name is Tamika Fletcher and I the co-owner and a stylist at Natural Resources Salon.

What inspired you to do so [co-own Natural Resources Salon]?
When I went natural the DIY approach was close to my only option. I recognized a need for quality natural hair service as well as natural products that were natural and worked without excess chemicals and fillers.  I also recognized the need for general natural hair education. Most cosmetology curriculum begins education with relaxers.  I believe
educating my clients on natural hair feels like an oral history story I’m meant to share from my chair!Natural Resource Salon Houston TX

What makes your Natural Resources Salon stand out from others Salons?
Natural Resources is the only Houston-base natural hair salon that offers safe, locally produced hair extensions called Wildflower hair.

Natural Resources has appeared on every news station in Houston offering expert advice on healthy haircare.

Natural Resources offers in-house hair loss prevention laser treatment.
Natural Resources is the only natural hair salon in Houston that offers 100% organic beauty products, called Earth’s Nectar, created by the owners.

Natural Resource Salon Houston TX 3Natural Resource Salon Houston TX Model








What came first, creating natural hair products, or your natural hair journey and why?

My natural hair journey was first. I loved experimenting with products but I could never figure out which ones worked best for my hair.  It seemed like after prolonged use of any product my hair rejected it.  Understanding ingredients were the key to unlocking my search for better products. Once I understood which ingredients work best on curly hair  the journey was much easier.

Tamika Fletcher at Natural Resources Salon Earth's Nectar
What is your favorite hair recipe?
I call it Green Eggs and B.A.M Hair smoothie

I pack a small amount of each ingredient below into 1/4 c and blend into a green creamy paste. Apply to wet hair for 15 minutes.  Rinse with lukewarm water. Enjoy nourished shinier curls the natural way!

Egg yolks
Vitamin e capsule.

What inspired you to create Earth’s Nectar?
The products were inspired by a request or general hair complaint that my clients expressed during appointments or consultation. I wanted products and services that addressed their chief complaints –  dryness, brittle hair, itchy scalp, thinning hair etc. I looked to nature for solutions  to  their problems.  Each year we add products that directly address a need.

Earths nectarWhat projects can we expect from you in the near future?
I also tape a monthly segment on Deals on The Live Well Network! DIY ideas that any one can try from their kitchen for hair and skin care.

We are planning to create more YouTube tutorials in the near future on DIY beauty and style so stay tuned to Natural Resources TV on Youtube.

Web series Make Me a Naturalista

Make Me A Naturalista HostsWhat if you can snap your fingers to summon a natural hair fairy god mother?

One that can assist you with your natural hair transition, styling, confidence and swag!  What about two fairy god mothers?

Yardley Messeroux (The Coil Review), and Natasha Gaspard (Mane Moves TV) are you new natural hair – god mothers on the web series Make Me A Naturalista!  The series has already published “The Story Behind Make Me a Naturalista” and two episodes.

Check out their first episode…

Build Your Natural Hair Essential Kit in 10

natural hair essentials must have kit

Here are mine…

  • Shampoo and Conditioner
    For obvious reasons.

  • Micro fiber towel
    After washing your hair – micro fiber verses terry cloth towels prevent snags.  You can find an inexpensive towel in the car supply section, or just use an old t shirt.

  • Butterfly Clamps
    Before styling – use clamps to part in a minimum of four sections

  • Wide Tooth Comb
    Helps rake large sections of kinks

  • Rat Tail Comb
    Use the end for neat parts.  I’ve been known to be resourceful, and even use the end of a pen!

  • Denman Brush
    I was very skeptical about using this plastic brush on my thick kinky hair, but wow – now I can’t live with out it.

  • Oil
    Add a few drops of oil to each section.  My top favorite oils are jojoba, coconut, vitamin E, aragan / Moroccan oil or castor oil.

  • Spray Bottle
    I get the most twist-out definition by competing twists on dry hair with light sprays of water

  • Satin Bonnet
    No style is complete – without preserving it at night with a sexy, well not so sexy cover

What is in your natural hair essential kit?

Natural Hair Salon Los Angeles: Mahogany Hair Revolution with Dr. Kari Williams

Dr. Kari Williams is a definite mover and shaker within the natural hair community – especially on the West Coast. In addition to having advanced degrees in Trichology (medical and cosmetic study of the hair and scalp), she is also the founder of two salons in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Kari believes that it is imperative to share knowledge with others, but she also understands how our hair is an important part of our self-image and also impacts our self-esteem.

Our interview with Dr. Kari…

Dr. Kari Williams of Mahagony Revolution Salon

What do you do at Mahogany Hair Revolution?
I am the founder and owner of Mahogany Hair Revolution. I am also a natural hair care specialist and hair designer and Master Loctician

How large is your team?
There are 5 stylists on my team

How long have you been doing natural hair?
I have been styling natural hair for 12 years. I have been a licensed stylist for 6 years

What inspired you to do so?
I have been styling hair since I was a child. It is a natural gift and talent of mine. The specific interest in natural hair derived out of the example and motivation my mother provided me. She wore her hair natural my whole life and she always encouraged me to be proud of my hair and to wear it natural also.

Mahogany Revolution Inside Salon

Inside Salon Mahogany Revolution

What makes your salons stand out from others?
Mahogany Hair Revolution is distinguished from other salons for two primary reasons.

It is an all natural hair studio where there are no styles created using chemical straighteners
or extreme forms of heat (pressing combs, flat irons or curling irons).

Secondly, it is a Trichology clinic that serves the needs of women, men and children who are suffering with hair loss, hair thinning, scalp discomfort and hair shaft disorders. Our focus is not only on providing hair styling services but also ensuring that we are keeping our client’s hair healthy and promoting
healthy hair habits.

When and why did you decide to loc your hair?
I am wearing my second set of locs. My first set I started in college and wore them for a year and a half then cut them off. I consider my first set an experimental set. The decision to loc my hair was easy. My mother wore locs since I was in 2nd grade. She was a beautiful example for me so there was no hesitation or misunderstanding about the style. This second set of locs I’ve worn for 4 years.

Two Strand Twist Up Do

Two Strand Twist Up Do by Stylist at Mahogany Hair Revolution

How do you think natural hair is received in your area, verses other parts of the country or world?
In Los Angeles, there are women who wear there hair natural but its not a concentrated population like on the East Coast in cities like New York and Washington DC. I work in Hollywood and the images that are prevalent are women with weaves and straight hair. So I am competing with those images and promoting a look that is contrary to what is popular in my area.

What type of suggestions do you have for healthy natural hair?
The best suggestion I will give is that healthy hair start from the inside. I promote healthy living. Your hair is a reflection of your health. Therefore, start with the basics of eating a balanced diet, supplementing the nutrients that you need, avoid bad sugar, alcohol and junk food habits, and drink plenty of water.

Contact info
490 S. San Vicente Blvd. #10
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-9909
Follow on Twitter: @drkariwilliams
LIKE our Facebook Fan Page: Mahogany Hair Revolution

Tomiko Fraser Hines on Natural Hair and Motherhood

I decided to create a separate post on Why I Love Tomiko Fraser Hines Hair. Tomiko, model and actress has agreed to discuss her Kinnks…

Photo by Derek Blanks

Lady Kinnks: Congratulations on being prego!! I enjoy watching your channel chrisandtomikotalk2u. Not only are you an inspiration by just wearing your natural hair, your videos also portray positive Black marriage!

What inspired you and Chris start your channel?
Tomiko: We want to have our own network talk show and we wanted to build a following where we could showcase our loving and playful marriage. The videos have received a great response. We have so much fun shooting these videos and are still working towards having our own show.

Lady Kinnks:  What part of motherhood are you most excited about?
Tomiko: I am most excited about the new way of loving another human being I’m about to experience. I have the great fortune of experiencing life-altering love in my marriage and from my friends and family. But I can’t wait to feel the love of a mother for her children. I hear it’s amazing and I’m really looking forward to it.

Lady Kinnks:  When I was in high school, I posted your picture all over my myspace page. You were the first model I felt I could physically relate to, down to the hair type! Have you always been natural?
Tomiko: Thank you for the lovely compliment. As an adult, I have been natural for over 10 years. Though I did wear wigs and weaves for a portion of that time. Ever since my second Big Chop in February 2011, I’ve been proudly rocking my TWA and I absolutely love it!!!

Lady Kinnks:  When you started your natural hair career, did you consciously decide to be natural instead of wearing more popular straight styles?
Tomiko: I was “forced” to wear my hair natural due to severe scalp damage and breakage from having worn relaxers for many years. I was not happy to have to wear my hair natural at the time. I wasn’t nearly as self-confident and self-defined as I am now and worried too much about how others would see me. Boy am I glad those days are over!

Lady Kinnks:  Did your natural hair work to your advantage becoming Maybeline’s first African-American and longest spokesperson?
Tomiko: I wasn’t wearing my hair natural when Maybelline first signed me to an exclusive-contract. At the time, I was wearing a weave. It was during my time with them that I had to refrain from relaxing my hair and start wearing it natural. I was VERY concerned about how they would take that news, especially because I was contractually obligated to keep my appearance as it was when they hired me. But after explaining my scalp situation, they embraced my natural hair. From then on, I would alternate between wearing a weave and my own natural hair for my shoots with them. I was grateful to them for allowing me to do so.

Lady Kinnks:  We love seeing you in the Cheerios and Gain commercials. Is it true that you are now focusing more on acting? Any new roles we should look for you in?
Tomiko: I recently shot a Nissan Altima commercial that is still airing and I am one of the leads in an upcoming romantic comedy called “Ex Free” that is slated to be in theaters in 2013.

Lady Kinnks:  How do you feel your natural hair reflects your inner self?
Tomiko: My entire physical being, including my natural hair, is a reflection of who I am. I’ve worked hard to achieve the level of self-comfort and acceptance that I now have and I feel like all of who I am reflects that inner peace & joy.

Lady Kinnks:  We’ve seen your BC, twist out and even teeny weeny afro (twa). What styles are you rocking now, and why?
Tomiko: I’m currently wearing my TWA. It’s my favorite hairstyle by far. One because it’s so easy to take care of and two, because I love how it looks on me. : )

Lady Kinnks:  Anything else you’d like to add???
Tomiko: I’d like to invite your readers to keep up with and read my daily inspirational messages at:

They can also subscribe to the YouTube channel that my husband and I have…we’re fun. 🙂

Lady Kinnks:  Thank you Tomiko!!