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Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamonga CA

Special Thanks to Imani Nash-Bey, Owner and Senior Certified Sisterlock Consultant of Hairstory Natural Hair Salon.  Ms. Imani took the time to answer questions and give us an inside look into their exclusive natural hair salon…

Hairstory Natural Hair Logo

Hairstory Natural Hair Salon

How large is your team?
We currently have a team of five consultants that range from trainees to certified consultants.

Hair Story TeamDo you exclusively style natural hair?
Currently, our staff only styles natural hair. We do not perform chemical services. However, some clients prefer to go to a colorist and return to us for the styling and maintenance of their hair.

What is your natural hair specialty?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon specializes in Sisterlocks, Brotherlocks, traditional locks, twists, children styling, transitioning and other natural styles.

How long have you been doing natural hair?
I have been doing natural hair for over 12 years.

What inspired you to do so?
I wanted to provide an alternative to the traditional hair shop and provide a natural hair salon that focuses on helping you become a more natural you.

What makes your salon stand out from others?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon is different than any other salon because you will receive specialized one-on-one attention. We work by appointments only to make sure you are getting all the attention you need to help you be a better you. There is no waiting at Hairstory. At our Salon, you will find a relaxing, comforting and professional environment to help you unwind. It is also a great place to network and meet many other Sisterlock clients. Additionally, we service men (yes there are Brotherlocks), women and specialize in children. We believe in respecting your privacy, as a result we offer a separate back room for any client that would like a more private environment.

Inside Hair Story Natural Hair Salon

If you could be any natural hairstyle – what would it be any why?
Sisterlocks, of course! Sisterlocks lets you take full advantage of your own natural hair. They give you the choice to maintain many different styling options. Sisterlocks makes those bad hair days, good hair days with less maintenance and fuss.

Do you have hair envy for any natural hair celebrities?
Not at all, I love seeing the different styles and flexibility that our hair has to offer.

What do you think about the upward trend of natural hair?
I am excited to see it return to mainstream media and in our everyday lives. It is good to see people embrace who they truly are.

What type of suggestions do you have for healthy natural hair?
Make sure that you communicate regularly with your consultant. Go with the finest and seasoned veterans who know what is best for your hair and that have a success record of long-term happy clients.

How can people reach you?
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon
8070 Archibald Avenue
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
(951) 533-2380

Hairstory motto: “Our hairstory has deep rooted history!”

Natural Hair Salon Houston TX: Natural Resources with Tamika Fletcher

I am a strong beliver that once you go natural, your world changes.  Not just because of your hair style – but a new desire to live healthier than you did before.

Co-owner of Natural Resources Salon, and creator of Earth’s Nector – Tamika is no joke!

She knows her stuff.  I’ve tried to watch ALL of Tamika video, and believe me there are many.  The videos alone demonstrate her creativity for natural hair styles, innovation for diy products and the actual knowledge of the science behind product benefits.

We’re happy to feature

Natural Resources Salon

Name and What do you do at your salon… (owner, stylist, etc)
My Name is Tamika Fletcher and I the co-owner and a stylist at Natural Resources Salon.

What inspired you to do so [co-own Natural Resources Salon]?
When I went natural the DIY approach was close to my only option. I recognized a need for quality natural hair service as well as natural products that were natural and worked without excess chemicals and fillers.  I also recognized the need for general natural hair education. Most cosmetology curriculum begins education with relaxers.  I believe
educating my clients on natural hair feels like an oral history story I’m meant to share from my chair!Natural Resource Salon Houston TX

What makes your Natural Resources Salon stand out from others Salons?
Natural Resources is the only Houston-base natural hair salon that offers safe, locally produced hair extensions called Wildflower hair.

Natural Resources has appeared on every news station in Houston offering expert advice on healthy haircare.

Natural Resources offers in-house hair loss prevention laser treatment.
Natural Resources is the only natural hair salon in Houston that offers 100% organic beauty products, called Earth’s Nectar, created by the owners.

Natural Resource Salon Houston TX 3Natural Resource Salon Houston TX Model








What came first, creating natural hair products, or your natural hair journey and why?

My natural hair journey was first. I loved experimenting with products but I could never figure out which ones worked best for my hair.  It seemed like after prolonged use of any product my hair rejected it.  Understanding ingredients were the key to unlocking my search for better products. Once I understood which ingredients work best on curly hair  the journey was much easier.

Tamika Fletcher at Natural Resources Salon Earth's Nectar
What is your favorite hair recipe?
I call it Green Eggs and B.A.M Hair smoothie

I pack a small amount of each ingredient below into 1/4 c and blend into a green creamy paste. Apply to wet hair for 15 minutes.  Rinse with lukewarm water. Enjoy nourished shinier curls the natural way!

Egg yolks
Vitamin e capsule.

What inspired you to create Earth’s Nectar?
The products were inspired by a request or general hair complaint that my clients expressed during appointments or consultation. I wanted products and services that addressed their chief complaints –  dryness, brittle hair, itchy scalp, thinning hair etc. I looked to nature for solutions  to  their problems.  Each year we add products that directly address a need.

Earths nectarWhat projects can we expect from you in the near future?
I also tape a monthly segment on Deals on The Live Well Network! DIY ideas that any one can try from their kitchen for hair and skin care.

We are planning to create more YouTube tutorials in the near future on DIY beauty and style so stay tuned to Natural Resources TV on Youtube.

Natural Hair Salon Los Angeles: Mahogany Hair Revolution with Dr. Kari Williams

Dr. Kari Williams is a definite mover and shaker within the natural hair community – especially on the West Coast. In addition to having advanced degrees in Trichology (medical and cosmetic study of the hair and scalp), she is also the founder of two salons in the Los Angeles area.

Dr. Kari believes that it is imperative to share knowledge with others, but she also understands how our hair is an important part of our self-image and also impacts our self-esteem.

Our interview with Dr. Kari…

Dr. Kari Williams of Mahagony Revolution Salon

What do you do at Mahogany Hair Revolution?
I am the founder and owner of Mahogany Hair Revolution. I am also a natural hair care specialist and hair designer and Master Loctician

How large is your team?
There are 5 stylists on my team

How long have you been doing natural hair?
I have been styling natural hair for 12 years. I have been a licensed stylist for 6 years

What inspired you to do so?
I have been styling hair since I was a child. It is a natural gift and talent of mine. The specific interest in natural hair derived out of the example and motivation my mother provided me. She wore her hair natural my whole life and she always encouraged me to be proud of my hair and to wear it natural also.

Mahogany Revolution Inside Salon

Inside Salon Mahogany Revolution

What makes your salons stand out from others?
Mahogany Hair Revolution is distinguished from other salons for two primary reasons.

It is an all natural hair studio where there are no styles created using chemical straighteners
or extreme forms of heat (pressing combs, flat irons or curling irons).

Secondly, it is a Trichology clinic that serves the needs of women, men and children who are suffering with hair loss, hair thinning, scalp discomfort and hair shaft disorders. Our focus is not only on providing hair styling services but also ensuring that we are keeping our client’s hair healthy and promoting
healthy hair habits.

When and why did you decide to loc your hair?
I am wearing my second set of locs. My first set I started in college and wore them for a year and a half then cut them off. I consider my first set an experimental set. The decision to loc my hair was easy. My mother wore locs since I was in 2nd grade. She was a beautiful example for me so there was no hesitation or misunderstanding about the style. This second set of locs I’ve worn for 4 years.

Two Strand Twist Up Do

Two Strand Twist Up Do by Stylist at Mahogany Hair Revolution

How do you think natural hair is received in your area, verses other parts of the country or world?
In Los Angeles, there are women who wear there hair natural but its not a concentrated population like on the East Coast in cities like New York and Washington DC. I work in Hollywood and the images that are prevalent are women with weaves and straight hair. So I am competing with those images and promoting a look that is contrary to what is popular in my area.

What type of suggestions do you have for healthy natural hair?
The best suggestion I will give is that healthy hair start from the inside. I promote healthy living. Your hair is a reflection of your health. Therefore, start with the basics of eating a balanced diet, supplementing the nutrients that you need, avoid bad sugar, alcohol and junk food habits, and drink plenty of water.

Contact info
490 S. San Vicente Blvd. #10
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 782-9909
Follow on Twitter: @drkariwilliams
LIKE our Facebook Fan Page: Mahogany Hair Revolution

Creator Kim Williams on Unwritten Rules Webseries

You may be familiar with Kim’s webseries The Unwritten Rules featuring actress Aasha Davis.  The webseries is based on Kim William’s first book.

Kim Williams is not new to the scene, she has been a writer and producer for over 15 years within the entertainment industry.  In 2003, Williams formed Butterfly Ink Publishing and published her first novel, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule: The Diary of a Nigger, Negro, Colored, Black, African-American Woman”.  After the success of her first novel, she decided to focus on her career on writing.

We asked Ms. Williams to share more about her career, and natural hair experience…

It seems as a community we are good at using comedy to address real shity issues!  What inspired you to write the book 40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule, then the web series Unwritten Rules?

Kim: For years I would talk to other Black women and we all had similar experiences at work being either the only Black person or one of a few. At the time, I was really trying to discover myself as a writer. One day, I sat down to just start writing something and the book came out. Growing up around Black people and not really knowing a white person until college, it was sometimes difficult for me to understand and embrace the reality of being black in a white workplace. I was constantly struggling to fit in and at the same time stay true to myself. It was definitely a journey of learning that’s it’s okay to be different and to embrace it. I wanted to share my journey with not only Black people but my white co-workers. Through work, I developed friendships with white people for the first time. I eventually realized that they had no idea what I was going through because it wasn’t their reality. So, I wrote the book to say, “This is how I feel; This is my reality”. However, I knew I had to add the comedy for people to be willing to keep reading.

Even though the book came out in 2004, the topics are still relevant today (even with a Black President-lol) so I thought a web series was the perfect medium to introduce the book.

Kim Williams on the set of Unwritten Rules

How would you describe your natural hair experience and why? How did being natural contribute to your napp-renership?

Kim: I decided to go natural in 2004 only because I was tired of giving up my Saturday to the salon. However, over the years, it has become more about me embracing my true self/identity. My natural hair has really contributed to my freedom for the goal of living a truly authentic life.

You’ve worked for corporate American, and other projects like Bitch. What is your proudest accomplishment to date?

Kim: My proudest accomplishments are really divided… Every accomplishment has a different meaning. I think releasing my first book, “40 Hours and an Unwritten Rule”, was my first proudest moment because it was my first published project. I was also proud of myself that I was courageous enough to start a dialogue that needs to be heard but for many reasons have been ignored and pacified by both sides.

What’s your next project?

Kim: I’m writing my third book (the 2nd book of the “Miles and Zoey” series). We’re also working to do another run in New York for BITCH. I’m also developing a new web series. Pretty busy…

Advice for others interested in writing or starting their own web series?


It’s important to create any form of art from passion first. When it comes from that place, everything will fall in place.

The entire process of doing a web series is hard work especially when there’s no budget and you’re wearing so many hats, so passion has to be there.

Anything else you’d like to add…

Kim: My hope for the book and now the web series is that the dialogue will begin. Yes, it’s 2012 and we’ve come a long way with race; however perceptions (on all sides) are still there. And we can’t expect them to disappear on their own if no one is willing to expose and talk about them.

Tune in every 1st Wednesday of the month for New Episodes! The next one will debut today!

5 Highlights: Keenya Kelly Presents Return of the Curls Richmond VA

I spend this past weekend with lots of naturals at a great event:
Return of the Curls
, ‘Taming The Beast Curly Hair Expo and Fashion Show’.

Five Highlights…

One – The Pre-Event
Friday, Shea Moisture hosted a pre-event: ‘A Transition to Wellness’ featuring Imani Dawson (Tribe Called Curl), Jenell Stewart ( and celebrity stylist Diane Bailey. The event was informative to say the least.

keenya kelly

During the event, I chatted with fellow Richmonder, event organizer Keenya Kelly. Ms. Kelly is a transplant from Kentucky.  Her company Keenya Kelly, LLC is dedicated to helping inspire and empower individuals to a place of physical health, self-esteem and spirituality by proving events that meet those objectives.

Two – Speakers

Lady Kinnks and Beautiful Brown Baby Doll

It was also excited to meet Youtuber: BeautifulBrwnBabyDol aka Nina Ellis-Hervey, Pd.D who traveled all the way from Texas.  A fellow fan interrupted our conversation, almost in tears, voice cracking with excitement.  She wanted to let BeautifulBrwnBabyDol know how much of an inspiration she had been to her over the years.

While Nina exuded confidence, she was very gracious, and just as nice as can be!  She has even inspired me (very lazy worker-outer) to start a routine.  I loved how Nina expressed the importance of being your own cheerleader.  Even if you have to fake it until you make it!

Jessi from Jessi Curl

Before BeautifulBrwnBabyDol, Jessi from Jessicurl hosted a demo on defining your curls.  She was hilarious – but knows her curly stuff.  She cautioned everyone not to use terry cloth towels, but to use a micro fiber towel (or t-shirt) instead.

Three – Shopping

Taming the Beast Vendors

I can not deny that I have struggled with my new hometown (okay not so new-five year hometown) Richmond Virgina.  This weekend really showed the great entrepreneurship spirit of our capital city.

Farasue’s Garden’s booth was always full with visitors. They were super friendly and informative. They have a hair fertilizer laced with tea tea tree oil and rosemary all dedicated to scalp health and hair growth.

Brown Sugar Naturals has an entire line of beauty products. The soaps smelled delicious! (I snagged two)

Brown Sugar NaturalsBrown Sugar Naturals

Four – Fashion

OMGosh – there was so many cute curlies!  It seemed like everyone rocked their own style, and creative beautiful natural hair dos!

I had to miss the fashion show (due to work), however Returnofthecurls instagram kept me informed

Return of the Curls Instagram

Last, but not least

Who doesn’t love free stuff? I received a gift bag with lots of goodies and coupons for more goodies– yay me!

The next Return of the Curls next event is the Holiday Trunk Show – Sunday November 18, 2012.  Will I see you there?