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2012 was the Year of the Afro

Wishing you a healthy, and prosperous new year filled with lots of love!!

2012 has definitley been the year of the afro.  While some predicted it would be a short fad, the natural hair movement continues to grow.

To name a few new 2012 hair sightings…

Nicki Minaj claimed to be a long time member of team natural under her many wigs.

Despite all the positive attention naturals have received, Rhonda Lee (anchor), and Howard University show how controversial natural hair still is in 2012.

My favorite natural hair moment of 2012

Drum Roll Please…


I wonder what naturalhair trends we will see in 2013?

Thank you veteran Shoshana Johnson


shoshana johnson

Yesterday, President Obama paid a Veterans Day visit to Arlington National Cemetery, where he laid a wreath and met with US war veterans.

Today, Kinnks thought of one specific veteran Shoshana Johnson.  Panamanian-born, Johnson was the first Black or Latina female prisoner of war in the military history of the United States.

During a gun fight, Johnson suffered bullet wounds and was captured and held for 22 days.

shoshana johnson captured

A rescue mission of the US Marine Corps freed Johnson on April 2003.

In an interview with Kent State University – Johnson describes she is not thrilled with the recognition of first Black Prisoner of War because it does not represent her hard work, or accomplishments – it represents an accident.

I was shocked when I heard Johnson was part of the same unit as the much-publicized Jessica Lynch.  Critics have accused the media of providing Lynch more recognition due her race verses the images of Johnson with ruffled braids.

In 2010, Johnson published I’m Still Standing: From Captive U.S. Soldier to Free Citizen—My Journey Home.

Kinnks gives a special
the men and women who have severed in our
United States Armed Forces

Fall Fest

Lady Kinnks Fall FestI love Fall!! This is a slight change from my elementary school years.  Every season, including Halloween we performed.  Like clock work, every October we preformed the song …

Pumpkin Cupcakes

Tower from Carytown Cupcakes

Jack-o-Lantern… Jack-o-Lantern
You are such a funny sight
As you sit in the window
Looking out at the night
Once you were a yellow pumpkin
Growing on a sturdy vine
Now you are a Jack-o-Lantern
Let the candle light shine

Why the torment you ask? We’ll my government name is Jacqueline.  All the kids would point to me, and look at me singing.  Oh the agony!  Jack-o-Lantern.  I will never looked at a pumpkin the same way.

Now I love fall because there is something in the air.  To me its a chance to cleanse, start over; like shed extra baggage.  Awww, there is a new energy in the air.

Be safe in whatever Halloween activities you have planned!

White Women Rock Afros Too

There are times when the African-American community makes complaints, and I cringe. I just do not agree and think people are being too sensitive.  Our world is more about class, and wealth.

White Girl AfroWhite Girl Afro

Most times, I can relate with the cries of injustice and share in the disappointment. Yes, there is still a lot of mis-educated prejudice people out there. I find myself having to explain my Blackness, and why I am different and it is just exhausting.  I want to ask, Don’t you know any other Black people?

Saturday, at my hotel job, a man went up to an omelet chef and asked him “Why do African-Americans continue to serve ‘our people’?” What?  Why?  Is there a guide out there to dealing with insensitive people?

Then I am absolutely confused when I hear the opinions of women like Amy Holmes, Crystal White of Conservative Black Chick or even Stacy Dash. Or reading books like A New Earth that says feeling like a victim is in your mind.

Any way, I am at a place where I am all mixed up.  I am not sure how racially sensitive I should be in 2012.

Then I saw this article For White Chicks in Afro Wigs by Linda Villrose. The article had my heart pumpin’… An afro wig, fried chicken and watermelon? Oh hell no.

But wait, Black women wear straight hair all the time?

Why can’t a white girl wear Kinnks? Black Face Lady, that’s why.

Okay, so I went straight to the source.

Michelle, a White woman has a blog called Before And Afro. From what I see, Michelle is working on being more racially sensitive, and has learned the sacredness and the importance of the Afro. I am glad she changed to a blonde Afro – it looks less buffoonery. I had to leave the site after reading prejudice comments from Black and White people.

Is it the Afro is no longer African-American?  It is now American like jazz, hip hop or pizza despite its original roots?

Any way – the more I looked at her blog, more I understood.  It is kind of weird… but from what I see Michelle is using an Afro to find herself.

Kind of the same way, we grow our natural hair to find ourselves.

What do you think?