"Don't remove the kinnks from your hair, remove them from your brain. ~Marcus Garvey
Hair Craft Project

Hair Craft Project

I got my hair styled.
Not “done”, because my hair does not need fixing, and is not broken.
Chaundra Lockstar styled my hair of Naturals Salon.
Here is the pic she posted of…

Hair Craft Project
Sasheer Zamata on SNL

Sasheer Zamata on SNL

I watch Saturday Night Live - I don't always get the jokes. The episode with Kerry Washington was hilarious! Let's admit it, diversity of any kind is just more interesting.…

Sasheer Zamata on SNL
Naturally Happy Hair

Naturally Happy Hair

So, have you seen it yet?  Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! Natural Hair & Lifestyle...

Look how happy my hair is while I read the pages...

The first edition is the spring edition-…

Naturally Happy Hair
The Truth Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review

What does the truth mean to you?

For me, the truth means finding an inner peace.  Our event on April 20th, used natural hair as a vehicle to help others find…

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review
Richmond Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…

Forgive me, i have not been completely clear about the intentions for The Truth Brunch.

See, it does not matter WHY or WHEN you went natural. It does even matter if…

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon Rancho Cucamonga CA

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…

Special Thanks to Imani Nash-Bey, Owner and Senior Certified Sisterlock Consultant of Hairstory Natural Hair Salon.  Ms. Imani took the time to answer questions and give us an inside look…

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…


Sasheer Zamata on SNL

I watch Saturday Night Live – I don’t always get the jokes. The episode with Kerry Washington was hilarious! Let’s admit it, diversity of any kind is just more interesting. When they debuted the new staff they were hard to tell a part, they all looked the same. Can you imagine my excitement when I heard the announcement of the new cast member, Sasheer Zamata!

sasheer zamata

Sasheer is already my best friend in my head. She is not the typical Mammy, Sapphire or Jezebel you often see portrayed in popular culture. She is not just beautiful, well spoken and funny – she is like the NATURAL girl next door!!

Here is some of her previous work…

What do you think, are you as excited as I am?

White Women Rock Afros Too

There are times when the African-American community makes complaints, and I cringe. I just do not agree and think people are being too sensitive.  Our world is more about class, and wealth.

White Girl AfroWhite Girl Afro

Most times, I can relate with the cries of injustice and share in the disappointment. Yes, there is still a lot of mis-educated prejudice people out there. I find myself having to explain my Blackness, and why I am different and it is just exhausting.  I want to ask, Don’t you know any other Black people?

Saturday, at my hotel job, a man went up to an omelet chef and asked him “Why do African-Americans continue to serve ‘our people’?” What?  Why?  Is there a guide out there to dealing with insensitive people?

Then I am absolutely confused when I hear the opinions of women like Amy Holmes, Crystal White of Conservative Black Chick or even Stacy Dash. Or reading books like A New Earth that says feeling like a victim is in your mind.

Any way, I am at a place where I am all mixed up.  I am not sure how racially sensitive I should be in 2012.

Then I saw this article For White Chicks in Afro Wigs by Linda Villrose. The article had my heart pumpin’… An afro wig, fried chicken and watermelon? Oh hell no.

But wait, Black women wear straight hair all the time?

Why can’t a white girl wear Kinnks? Black Face Lady, that’s why.

Okay, so I went straight to the source.

Michelle, a White woman has a blog called Before And Afro. From what I see, Michelle is working on being more racially sensitive, and has learned the sacredness and the importance of the Afro. I am glad she changed to a blonde Afro – it looks less buffoonery. I had to leave the site after reading prejudice comments from Black and White people.

Is it the Afro is no longer African-American?  It is now American like jazz, hip hop or pizza despite its original roots?

Any way – the more I looked at her blog, more I understood.  It is kind of weird… but from what I see Michelle is using an Afro to find herself.

Kind of the same way, we grow our natural hair to find ourselves.

What do you think?

Lil Mama Natural Hair Haters

I try and stay as far away from hip hop as I can. Let’s face it, there are few rap artist that don’t discuss the same topics of money, women, n-word this and that. I stick to R&B songs of love making, an occasional broken heart and more love. [Shout out to my current ear besties Anthony Hamilton, Frank Ocean and Elle Varna]

Back in 2007 Lil Mama had a pop hit Lip Gloss.  Lil Mama, currently a judge on America’s Best Dance Crew recently tweeted her natural hair.
Goose bumps.

Lil Mama Afro

Unfortunately, according to an interview with Lil Mama on lovebrownsugar.com, her natural hair tweet was not well received. (She should’ve used #naturalhair).  The story goes…

Lil Mama decided to go natural after she got a blister in the shape of Africa. She took this as a sign from God to start eliminating relaxers and acrylic nails.

I can’t make this stuff up!

Necolebitchie.com posted the pic below.  No debate about if the style is “natural,” however I love the texture.  It actually makes Lil Mama look more feminine.

Lil Mama


Prosecutor Lisa Lindsey Afro Puff

Many people strongly believe that natural hair limits employment prospects, especially when it comes to finding a job as a lawyer. Imagine my joy when I witnessed assistant Wayne County prosecutor Lisa Lindsey in court with her bouncing afro puff.

Lisa Lindsey Afro Putt Assistant Prosecutor Wayne County

Lindsey is working to prosecute Bob Bashara who allegedly participated in murder for (more…)

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Tiffany aka New York goes Natural

Are you like me, always disappointed when you watch a a makeover show?  They seem to never have the ability to incorporate natural hair into a new doo.

NOT THIS TIME!  Tiffany aka New York of Flavor of Love has had an amazing natural makeover…

Chevin Shares: I almost didn’t recognize her…
the personality change and everything is amazing…
her hair has softened her… don’t you think?


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