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Loving Q.U.E.E.N by Janele Monae’ and Erykah Badu

I have not hosted a musical Wednesday in a while.

In general, I am sooo tired of judgmental people. That is why I LOVE this jam Queen.

I like to twerk in the mirror, and dance all alone, sometimes late at night. I also think EVERYONE should have civil liberties like getting married.

Music should have meaning, and purpose…

I am loving how women are more empowered to be themselves, and step outside the box of suppose to.

Tank Maybe I Deserve

One of my favorite songs of all time is Tank’s – Maybe I Deserve.  I am a little late, but I just saw the video!  I had the CD when it was released, but never got around to the video.

The video was produced in 2001 – and wow look how fashion has changed already!

I was pleasantly surprised to see his love interest’s hair!

natural hair maybe i deserve

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Natural HAIR Spoken Word Essence China Farmer

During college…my favorite past time was Spoken Word.  I never wrote myself, but would get goosebumps listening. 

From the video press release:
The title of the video itself, “HAIR PEACE,” comes to serve that very
purpose: for us as African-Americans to come to peace with our natural
hair. HAIR PEACE does not just educate us, but it also serves as an
anthem for our natural-haired women and men everywhere!

This spoken word speaks on the parallel between loving our natural
hair and loving ourselves all in a Euro-centric society focused around
everything that we are not. HAIR PEACE does not intend to demote those
who do not have natural hair but to instead it seeks to eradicate the
negative stereotypes of natural hair that stem from a society that
demeans us if we do not look like the straight-haired women in the

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Gil Scott Heron: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

If you are one of those people that like the sophistication, Afrocentricity and political insight of spoke word …
you are morning the death of
Gil Scott Heron.

Songs like ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” are examples of mental stimulation towards social change.

Life is like a circle, you end up where you started
If you end up where you started, ain’t no other side
Yeah, but if life is like a curtain than I’m 90% certain
I’m looking through at something…
Yes, I’m always touching something on the other side…
~Gil Scott Heron~

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