"Don't remove the kinnks from your hair, remove them from your brain. ~Marcus Garvey
Hair Craft Project

Hair Craft Project

I got my hair styled.
Not “done”, because my hair does not need fixing, and is not broken.
Chaundra Lockstar styled my hair of Naturals Salon.
Here is the pic she posted of…

Hair Craft Project
Sasheer Zamata on SNL

Sasheer Zamata on SNL

I watch Saturday Night Live - I don't always get the jokes. The episode with Kerry Washington was hilarious! Let's admit it, diversity of any kind is just more interesting.…

Sasheer Zamata on SNL
Naturally Happy Hair

Naturally Happy Hair

So, have you seen it yet?  Naturally Happy Hair Magazine! Natural Hair & Lifestyle...

Look how happy my hair is while I read the pages...

The first edition is the spring edition-…

Naturally Happy Hair
The Truth Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review

What does the truth mean to you?

For me, the truth means finding an inner peace.  Our event on April 20th, used natural hair as a vehicle to help others find…

The Truth Natural Hair Brunch Review
Richmond Natural Hair Brunch

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…

Forgive me, i have not been completely clear about the intentions for The Truth Brunch.

See, it does not matter WHY or WHEN you went natural. It does even matter if…

The Truth about The Truth Bruch (Richmond Vir…
Hairstory Natural Hair Salon Rancho Cucamonga CA

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…

Special Thanks to Imani Nash-Bey, Owner and Senior Certified Sisterlock Consultant of Hairstory Natural Hair Salon.  Ms. Imani took the time to answer questions and give us an inside look…

Natural Hair Salon: Hairstory Rancho Cucamong…

big chop

Video: Zhane Hair Inspired

Do you have a big chop, or thinking about taking the plunge?  Beautiful Jean Norris and Renee Neufville of the early 90s R&B group Zhane rock their low dos with style!  Uh… please avoid the finger waves, and just chop it all off!  I love this song!  Shout out to my alma mater Temple University where the two girls meet before launching their musical career.

Click ‘Read More’ to watch video



Video: Chrisette Michele “Stand” from Sunday Best

Good thing we started this weekly music feature because JUNE is Black Music Month. Every week, Kinnks will feature a music video with some type of natural hair inspiration!  Last Wednesday was our first musical feature Teyana Taylor.

This week we ask ourselves, who can be better than Chrisette Michele?  Going through a big chopith style and grace…

can be difficult.  Can you imagine doing it in front of millions?!?! Chrisette rocks her BC wAbout Chrisette: An American R&B and soul singer–songwriter on the Island Def Jam Music Group.  She won a Grammy Award for Best Urban/Alternative Performance in 2009 for her song “Be OK”.  Blessed with a gorgeous instrument and described as a “soulful songbird,” the Long Island native proved to the world that she could live up to the hype. Nominated for a BET Award for Best New Artist as well as two Gra


Dang – these photos make me want to chop it all off again!  Think the photos are inspirational?

On her official website, Chrisette posted a poem

‘For Freedom Not For Beauty’

There’s a beauty that lives so deep inside each of us.

There’s a fickle eye that doesn’t believe anything it sees….



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Mom’s Natural Influenced Mine

The first few years I was natural I was really lost.  I would wear mostly ‘fros and scarfs, or variations of the two.  If I was lucky my roomie would braid my hair.  Sometimes I would rock braids just in the front, with a ‘fro in the back.  A few times she even did Allen Iverson skeleton braids.

My mom was not very fond of my uneven ‘fros, or my black t-shirt cover up bun.  She would ask “Why don’t you go press your hair”.

I didn’t understand her dislike at first.  I have always known her to have short hair. Half of the time it was natural.

A few weeks before graduation, my mom asked, “Should I get a perm or cut my hair?”  I of course said, NATURAL!


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Guest Blogger: Simone

Ms. Simone ordered a Kinnks Tee and we got to electronic talking!  I quickly learned about her hustle selling jewelry on Naturally.Elemental! I got a few pairs myself, I’ll have to post my pics!She sounds like a kool mom too cause she’s sending her son to Japan!  Anyway, please give a warm Kinnks welcome to Ms. Simone!!  She shares her story of her BC below…
Monday, June 14, 1993, 9:15 am: “Ma, can you watch Jay for an hour. I have an errand to run.”


Ten minutes later I was standing the main workroom of the local beauty college explaining that I had one inch of new grow and I needed the 10 inches of relaxed hair shaved off.  I needed the best student in the class to do it.  I handed the girl my $10.00 and smiled.


“I want my head shaved please.  I want nothing on my head when she’s done but the one inch of new growth.”

After a hushed consultation in the back of the room and the instructor looking over her glasses at me to see if she could determine if I was intoxicated, a student was found, I was seated and apparently, I was the impromptu lesson for the day.


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