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TSA Security Required Natural Hair Search

I visited Seriously Natural, An older Natural’s perception blog in which I first heard the TSA asked to search a woman’s natural hair.

I always try and support the TSA agents because they are doing their job, and trying to keep us safe.  I do not fly often..but the few times this year I have had body scans, and pulled to the side to have my liquids tested. Forgetting the TSA Horror Stories I patiently stand a side and follow their directions.  I have heard heard stories of people protesting by walking through the security points in their underwear or naked.  (I thought to myself these people are being bratty.  Imagine if they were a minority that face regular suspicion).  How quickly we forget how we felt the fatal day of 9/11.

With all the said, I would be very cheeped out if a stranger had to put his fingers in my hair. Yuck-o.  Click read more for the video about the TSA’s natural hair search.

Do you think the TSA was racially motivated?

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