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I am not my hair Malaka’s Version

I had the pleasure of co-planning a natural hair gathering with Kenyata and Malaka .  Can you belive we had over 80+ people show up for hair fellowship?  Read more about her story…

I am not my hair.

Corny, right?  But honestly I’ve never been the person who put too much thought into hair.  In fact I often refer to it as a completely separate entity.  I, Malaka, spent an hour curling her hair only for her hair to decide that it rather be flipped.  Go figure.  I give a huge deal of credit to my mother for me and my sister’s attitude toward our hair.  It was always “just hair” nothing that was super serious. I watched my mom over the years go from jheri curled to long and relaxed to short and relaxed to all of a sudden one day it was just gone.  She went to her stylist at the time and demanded that it all be cut off.  I was sort of taken back by it.  Though it was “just hair” that would grow back should she want it to it was gone.  All of her features that seemed small and delicate before were now big and while still beautiful it was…different.  I was in middle school at the time and I remember telling a friend that I would “NEVER cut all my hair off like that.” And for the most part I didn’t.  I, like my mother went from one crazy hairstyle to the next.  Long and stick straight, shaggy cuts, blunt bobs, cherry cola red (I fought hard for that one in middle school) and I would tell everyone who asked why I did whatever to it that it was just hair, it’ll grow back if it doesn’t I’ll just go buy some.  It always grew back thank God.

Then after high school and one semester away in college I got sick.  The doctors didn’t really know what was going on but I was in pain and I was stressed and my hair that I didn’t pay much attention to started falling out.  Doctor after doctor test after test for almost 2 years and finally an answer, I have Fibromyalgia.  Fibromy-what?!  I got all the books and websites and everything I could find and wow yeah that was me.  I had an answer but now what?  Oh here are some pills and the insomnia that’ll ease up eventually and the near constant pain you should try exercising that’ll help.  Yeah…I can barely get out bed and you want me to do what?

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Guest Blogger: Felice

I had the opportunity to meet Felice at Duafe Lifestyle Expo this past February.  I was attracted to the unique pieces adorning her table.  I copped beautiful earrings from Felice, who is a veteran to natural hair and owner of www.NubianJewels.Biz.  Felice shares her business was born with the need of creative expression…


My name is Felice Akosuia better known by some as Felicia Anderson. I have always been very natural, loving the 60’s emphasis of the afro.

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Seeking Guest Bloggers

“Guest Blogger” (GB) is very informal. We are interested in hearing about your Natural Hair Story!

You may wanna share WHY and WHEN you went natural. Obstacles, perception, hair tips, favorite products or even words of inspiration for naturals, transitioners or those on the fence.

While your hair story remains the main focus, please highlight any hustle you may be working on. Please provide links, contact info, etc.

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