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Video: India Arie – Pony Tail Inspired

I have been a fan of India from her first album.  Her positive words of wisdom are refreshing, and a much needed break from the average songs of gyration.  I’ve grown listening to her music, knowing that “I am not me hair”, and I should love my “Brown Skin” or its okay not to be the average girl in a music “Video”!  I can go on for days on India….

Beautiful Flower was inspired by the girls at Oprah’s school in South Africa.

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Video: I am not my hair inspired

What type of natural hair video series would this be, without featuring India Arie’s ‘I Am Not My Hair’?!

India Arie is one of my top favorite artist.  Any song, or video by her will fit our natural hair inspired series perfectly.  I purchased her first CD in high school.  Her songs like “Video” and “Brown Skin” during my growing years inspired me to be confident with who I am, while making no apologies!  I am just a BIG fan of Ms. India Arie.  She radiates calmness and inner peace.

Although I have an obsession with hair, it is important to come back to the middle.  I am pro-natural for several reasons, and strongly choose to keep my hair natural…however I will press-n-curl my hair if I choose, or even add some braided extensions.

Why? Because I am not my hair…. but the skin that lives within….

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India Arie and John Legend

As mentioned on my previous post I saw India Arie and John Legend.  It was a fabulous show!!

All Alone
My husband, my date for the concert just started a new job in which he could not get out early.  Determined to see India I drove an hour to Charlottesville on my own.  Once she came on, I danced and boogied all alone to her familiar songs.

First Time I Heard India
In my hometown of New Haven, Connecticut I went into a small independent music store, Cutlers looking for the new Alicia Keys CD.  After asking the Asian clerk for help he said, “No you don’t want to get Alicia Keys.  Get this new artist India Arie.  You will not be disappointed.”  From the time I heard “Brown Skin” and “Ready for Love” I was hooked.

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India Arie on Michael Vick

Yesterday I went and saw India Arie and John Legend in Charlottesville, Virginia.  I had a great time!!  India Arie performed a song called Roller Coaster.  No you are not mistaken, it’s not on any of her CDs.

While bobbing and dancing I didn’t do a great job video recording, but at least you can hear the words to this song.  Before the video began, India introduced the song something along the lines…. Since we’re in Virginia she explained, what is going on with our man Michael Vick?!
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