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What Am I Going To Do With My Hair?

By Terez Howard

When I stopped submitting to the acceptable norm of straightening my hair back in 2006, I vigorously researched what I was going to do with my hair in its natural state.  I discovered a plethora of natural hair styles that could try on my short hair, which shrunk to the shortest length I’ve ever worn.

Then there were locs
Naïve as I was, I thought locs were unnatural.  I thought the manipulation used to maintain them was contrary to allowing hair to stand up freely in its natural state.  And, you couldn’t comb your hair?!  I had to comb my hair, so I thought.

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Eric Roberson f Lalah Hathaway Loc Inspired Video

It’s cheezy…. I know but its true.
In my adolescence my vision for adulthood entailed what
I imagined as daily spoken word poetry nights, just like the ones in the movie Love Jones
I imagined debating politics, and inspiring social change
I imagined being grown and sexy hanging with other Black Yuppies

Eric Roberson is eye candy!  Lalah Hathaway is adorned with beautiful locs.  In watching you will be inspired by locs, ‘fros and twist outs!

I now know adulthood is more than just what adults do for fun…
This video reminds me of my youthful vision of adulthood…

Eric Roberson is eye candy!  Lalah Hathaway is loc inspired… other ladies wear beautiful ‘fros and twist outs.  I love the drama this video unfolds, and the spectators reaction!

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Video: Lauryn Hill Natural Hair Inspiration

When I listen to any song on the album “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” I get goose bumps.  Even when I watch Sister Act I just say out loud, ‘DANG, that gurl can SANG’!!

I have heard that Lauryn Hill felt tasked with saving hip hop.  That responsibility, “people say” was a bit much, hence her long absences from the spotlight.

Whatever it is, I am happy to hear of her 2010 come back.  I am excited to see what she does with her natural hair.

“Oftentimes, the machine can overlook the need to take care of the people who produce the sounds that have a lot to do with the health and well-being of society,”
“And it’s important that people be given the time that they need to go through, to grow, so that the consciousness level of the general public is properly affected.”
~Lauryn Hill (1)


When I was deemed uncool for not rockin European style weaves, and acrylics, Lauryn taught me that I was okay to be different.  She asked me “How You Gonna Win When You Ain’t Right Within?”.  Being exposed to uplifting positive music forced me into a voyage of self.

This week’s natural hair inspired video is Ms. Hill’s

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Guest Blogger: Felice

I had the opportunity to meet Felice at Duafe Lifestyle Expo this past February.  I was attracted to the unique pieces adorning her table.  I copped beautiful earrings from Felice, who is a veteran to natural hair and owner of www.NubianJewels.Biz.  Felice shares her business was born with the need of creative expression…


My name is Felice Akosuia better known by some as Felicia Anderson. I have always been very natural, loving the 60’s emphasis of the afro.

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