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Guest Blogger: Simone

Ms. Simone ordered a Kinnks Tee and we got to electronic talking!  I quickly learned about her hustle selling jewelry on Naturally.Elemental! I got a few pairs myself, I’ll have to post my pics!She sounds like a kool mom too cause she’s sending her son to Japan!  Anyway, please give a warm Kinnks welcome to Ms. Simone!!  She shares her story of her BC below…
Monday, June 14, 1993, 9:15 am: “Ma, can you watch Jay for an hour. I have an errand to run.”


Ten minutes later I was standing the main workroom of the local beauty college explaining that I had one inch of new grow and I needed the 10 inches of relaxed hair shaved off.  I needed the best student in the class to do it.  I handed the girl my $10.00 and smiled.


“I want my head shaved please.  I want nothing on my head when she’s done but the one inch of new growth.”

After a hushed consultation in the back of the room and the instructor looking over her glasses at me to see if she could determine if I was intoxicated, a student was found, I was seated and apparently, I was the impromptu lesson for the day.

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Sapphire and Lee Daniels

I typically do not watch the Academy Awards, but something compelled me to stay up and watch this past Sunday.

SapphireThe movie Precious is based on the book Push.  “Push was unpublished before being discovered by the renowned feminist literary agent Charlotte Sheedy, whose interest created demand and eventually led to a bidding war. Sapphire submitted the first 100 pages of Push to a publisher auction in 1995 and the highest bidder offered her $500,000 to finish the novel.”(1) WOW!

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Field Slave

Joking around, TRYING to be funny, I told someone they looked like Susan Boyle.  Not to mention, she was a Black woman that had no features to resemble her.  She really took offense and said that, I looked like a field slave with my nappy hair.

I don’t know about yal, but it really hurt my feelings.  The whole situation had me lost for words.  I think it hurt mainly because, I don’t look at my friends in terms of light skin and dark skin.  It also left me with many questions on the mindset of people within 2010.  Would it be better if I looked like a house slave?  Honestly, to be a descendant of any slave shows the strength and determination that is within our blood.  The Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in 1865, 145 years ago.  I am proud, in this short time, ‘we as a people’ have advanced, however…‘We as a people’ still have stragglers with a “slave mentality”.  They say things like, “She’s pretty for a dark skin girl.”

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