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Natural Hair Business Recession Proof?

I do feel the R word is a nasty word. 

Although I don’t like to say it, the Recession has changed the way American live thier lives. 

According to a recent CNN report, as you probably know, the hair business is bombin’!  In the report one lady explains shes not buying new shoes…but getting her hair done instead!  The report features the sucess of a Maryland Natural Hair Saslon!

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Who’s Minding Our Business?

by Laquita

It wasn’t long ago when natural hair wearers had to either go on a scavenger hunt for products to maintain their natural tresses or become Kitchen Beauticians and make their own. Nowadays, you can go into practically any store and find products that are geared toward maintaining and styling natural hair.

As a result of the natural hair surge, many large corporate cosmetic companies have also, for lack of a better term, jumped on the natural hair bandwagon, touting products for ‘curly’ hair and/or ones that contain natural ingredients such as Olive Oil and Shea Butter.

Years from now, will these larger companies end up buying out the smaller internet or home-based ones making them obsolete? Will executives without a strand of natural hair on their heads end up selling natural products? The following bloggers/natural hair product makers shared their thoughts with Kinnks.

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The Business of Natural Hair

I said it before, and I will say it again… Laquita is the number one supporter of natural hair online!! You may have seen her featured on several natural hair sites and blogs, most recently Textured Playground.  She shares her hair journey, and previous stylist expertise on her own blog All Natural.  In addition to being heavily involved in the blog community, she writes articles for eBraiding, DC Examiner, and Clutch Magazine.  Did I mention she also owns her own hair care line Bo Beam?  NOW, I am happy to say Laquita is a regular contributor of Kinnks.com!!  Every monthly, Laquita will share an editorial of the growing world of natural hair business. ~Lady Kinnks
Natural Hair Business
The Business of Natural Hair
By Laquita
As the popularity of natural hair grows so does the business of natural hair. Not too long ago, you could not walk into a store and actually see a product on the shelf geared solely toward natural hair. But nowadays, not only can you find products geared toward natural hair all over the Internet, but in the beauty aisles of drug and grocery stores and neighborhood beauty supplies.

Target has even dedicated aisles to natural hair products like Miss Jessie’s, Jane Carter, CURLS and many more.

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