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It’s 2012 Already? Natural Hair Review

natural hair review 2011Around the time of the ball dropping in Times Square I set aside time to review.  Review the past year, and develop a plan for the next year.

It seems like 2011 just flew by!  For much of it, I feel like I was auto pilot, the details seem blurry.  Our multi-tasking, social media, smart phones, tablets, gadgets, tv and whatever distractions from faith, friends and family.  In 2012, I want to slow down and be a little more present.  I started 2011 by sharing tips to achieve your Resolution.

2011’s Buzz was natural hair’s popularity and come back!!

The number of black women who say they do not use products to chemically relax or straighten their hair jumped to 36% in 2011, up from 26% in 2010, according to a report by Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm. Sales of relaxer kits dropped by 17% between 2006 and 2011, according to Mintel. [1]

Those who follow natural hair can’t be surprised.
Even Dr. Drew touched on the topic of natural hair!

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