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Meetup inspires sisters to celebrate ‘hair natural’ in Detroit

When I first moved to Richmond, Virginia [back in 2007]…
I swear natural hair was a rare sighting. NOW, there is an explosion of natural hair WORLDWIDE!

So much so, that we’ve dedicated a calendar to natural hair!! www.naturalhaircalendar.com

This post was inspired by Naturally Flyy’s video.  They speak about what inspires their meetup…

Charise and Jennifer Thomas believe African-American hair isn’t something to be tamed, weaved, or ironed into submission.

The Detroit sisters want black women to embrace their hair’s natural texture — and their aim is to offer the practical and social support needed for them to step out with confidence.

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July Richmond Natural Hair Meetup

Our second meetup on Tue July 20th was a success!
The success is definitely attributed to…
…Melisa (created giveaways, took pictures and notes) Thank you!
…Venue Touch Ov Soul Thank you!
… and lastly, to all the beautiful naturals that said they were coming, and came! Thank you!

After an ice breaker to get acquainted we opening up one big group discussion.  I quickly learned people didn’t attend for information, but more for the fellowship.

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