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It’s 2012 Already? Natural Hair Review

natural hair review 2011Around the time of the ball dropping in Times Square I set aside time to review.  Review the past year, and develop a plan for the next year.

It seems like 2011 just flew by!  For much of it, I feel like I was auto pilot, the details seem blurry.  Our multi-tasking, social media, smart phones, tablets, gadgets, tv and whatever distractions from faith, friends and family.  In 2012, I want to slow down and be a little more present.  I started 2011 by sharing tips to achieve your Resolution.

2011’s Buzz was natural hair’s popularity and come back!!

The number of black women who say they do not use products to chemically relax or straighten their hair jumped to 36% in 2011, up from 26% in 2010, according to a report by Mintel, a consumer spending and market research firm. Sales of relaxer kits dropped by 17% between 2006 and 2011, according to Mintel. [1]

Those who follow natural hair can’t be surprised.
Even Dr. Drew touched on the topic of natural hair!

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Natural hair doesn’t make you ‘Blacker’

imageIn my pre-teen years I had a binder in which I would collect my favorite magazine clippings.  The prized page were filled with my favorite Word Up! interviews and photos.  Dru Hill was always number one.  Destiny’s Child was a frequent feature.  I was a fan of their first CD.  I remember watching many of the videos on BET.  By the time the second album, Writing On the Wall debuted…Beyonce was everywhere!  Beyonce-madness was to the point where people started to despise her.  (Some may say jealous of her.)  When Destiny’s Child first started it was a little r&b group, that a select group knew about and loved.  But then they went POP, and everyone jumped on the DC/Beyonce train.  In my head I’m thinking, DUDE…I’ve been following them for years!  My sentiment on natural hair is similar.

Natural hair was for a select group of people.  Loved and embraced by hair connoisseurs, but unnoticed by many.  Now, POP, natural hair is on everyone’s radar!  The general public has an opinion about whats on MY head.  The View, Chris Rock and even club promoters

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Natural Hair Makes a Comeback in the African-American Community

March is always touchy feely for me.  My wedding anniversary, and the anniversary of my mother’s death are two days apart.  They initially happened a year apart, but the joy and pain will last a life time.

This past weekend I spend time in Washington DC aka Chocolate City to celebrate 5 Years of Marriage!  (I had a fabulous time!) Every time I visit, I am in awww over all the natural hair.

If I am in DC, Richmond or even Connecticut… the trend of natural hair is growing, and here to stay!

Even more evident in the following video…

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