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Occupy the Hood

In general people are feed up.  Unemployment rates point towards the sky, while corporations have record profits.  The greedy elite lobby politicians as their puppets.
“Occupy Wall street” is the movement around the nation demanding change.
While the group is not very clear on their terms, their voices are being heard.
It seems like the wider spread the protest, the more diverse the crowd.
Thanks to groups like “Occupy the Hood” who want to ensure under represented communities are actually represented.

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Michelle Obama Goes Natural

Malia and Sasha at the young ages of 10 and 7 are sporting relaxers. What image would natural hair give First Lady Michelle?


In July 2008, before the Presidential election, The New Yorker presented First Lady Obama with a large ‘fro, ak-47, fist bumping her Muslim terrorist husband while burning the American flag in their fire place. They called this a parody.

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