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Guest Blogger: Next Generation Natural Hair

CandiComing from a large family, populated by mostly women, hair is discussed on a daily basis. My earliest member is being 4 or 5 walking to my grandmother’s house to get my hair pressed. I can still full the excitement and fear in my chest. Excited because getting my hair pressed meant something important was happening, and fear because the plan was to put something that had sat on top of a hot burner in my head. And getting burner was a reality, because I could never keep still. That was one reason that my hair pressing sessions got passed on to my grandmother, she was the best at it and had the most patience with me.

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Guest Blogger: V- My Natural Me

imageI love the twitterverse.  It allowed me to meet V of ‘My Natural Me’.  V is newly devoted natural diva who is finding the true meaning and love for natural coils! You can experience her journey, inner hair beauty views and features of other naturals worldwide! This week V has a Soul Purpose giveaway, so check it out.  V was also gracious enough to feature Kinnks on her blog as well!


“Girl Is You Crazy!!!”
(Purposeful use of “Is” LOL)

That is exactly what I ask myself when I think about how long my natural transition was. You see, my last relaxer was in December 2007. However, my “real” natural journey did not start until two years later. I stopped getting my hair relaxed for a couple of reasons. The main reason was that I had moved to a new place and wasn’t familiar with the salons in the area. I moved to a highly Hispanic populated area in PA and black stylist were not a regular that you saw everyday. I also got tired of doing the kitchen beautician method of relaxing my own hair as I am sure that I over processed the MESS out of it! I always wanted to experiment with being natural, but never had the guts to do it.

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