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Taming the Beast – How to be a Natural Hair Ambassador Without Coming Off Like a Jerk

imageBy Terez Howard

So, you’re natural now, and you want every other black girl to be natural like you?

It’s not an uncommon reaction when you discover the wonders of your curls and coils.  Your natural hair can do things that your permed hair could never have done.  The online community of naturals spurs you to take your message of natural hair care to the streets.

But if you aren’t careful, your helpful mission could turn into a beastly re-run, the kind that no one wants to revisit.  If every other word out of your mouth gets glares and constant backlash, you might want to consider refining your approach.

Here’s how you can retain your status as a natural hair ambassador without coming off like a jerk:

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5 Ways To Nurture Your Inner Product Junkie Without Breaking The Bank

imageBy Terez Howard
Terez Howard, who has been researching natural hair for 5 years, endeavors to help ladies learn more about their precious tresses.  At her blog, she shares her Sisterlocks journey.

Ultimate curl definition. 
The softest, silkiest fro imaginable. 
Guaranteed to stimulate long, healthy hair growth.

When you read advertisements like that followed by realistic testimonials that say, “This really works!”, don’t you feel impelled to give that super product a chance?  We naturals might like to believe that we have the strength to not try every up-and-coming natural hair care product on the market.  Some of us do.

On the other hand, some of us label ourselves product junkies.  As the name suggests, we are addicted to hair care products.  Our hair care arsenal looks like bomb shelter, but instead of canned food and a first aid kit, we have rows and rows of gels, shampoos, conditioners, serums, cleansers, clarifiers, glosses, moisturizers, creams, lotions and detanglers.  How much can one head of hair handle?

Less is more.
The more products we pile on our natural tresses, the greater the need to cleanse our scalps of nasty product build-up.  The first couple days after we load our hair with product might give it the look we desire.  But after those couple days, too much product will start to irritate the scalp and weigh down fragile strands.

Less is more.  The absolute least amount of product that gives the greatest results will help your hair and scalp stay cleaner longer, looking cute in the process.
But what if you haven’t found that miracle product yet, the one that detangles, moisturizes and defines your unique curls?  You don’t have to give up cable because you are a product junkie.  You also don’t have to quit cold turkey from buying natural hair care products.

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Becoming a Product Junkie

A Downfall of the Booming Natural Hair Business: Becoming a Product Junkie

As featured on Nappturalite Radio: So You Want To Be A Naturalpreneur?

Nowadays, with the widespread availability of natural products on the internet and even in local Target stores, it takes some strong willpower to withstand the urge to start collecting products i.e. becoming a ‘Product Junkie’.  As of late, I have noticed my bathroom shelves and cabinets becoming over-crowed with natural hair products, not to mention my bank account getting thinner in the process, which is a side effect of the PJ disease.

I have decided that at the end of the summer (the time of year when I start to wear more protective styles) I am going to commit to using up every last drop of the products I already have before purchasing new ones. *I say the end of the summer because I want to get a couple of more items on my wish list* Of course, this will be no easy feat due to the fact that it seems like every day I come across a testimony of a “wonderful, must-try” product, but I have come up with a plan to stick to my commitment.

My plan is very simple, but it is a sure way to keep me or anyone else from becoming a Product Junkie. The first thing I am going to do is stick with staple products that fit into my hair care regimen. Something to clean my hair, condition my hair, seal in moisture and a styling agent; if anyone was counting that’s a total of four products. I know that for some just having four hair products in their arsenal may sound like an impossibility, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

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Guest Blogger: Writting Addict

Writing Addict has a great blog On the Road to Queendom that I enjoy reading!  One of the many things that make it special is her focus on locs!!  She too concentrates on the positive, everyone should embrace their natural beauty to be a queen!!  We appreciate you sharing your story!! 
~Lady Kinnks

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