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Black Women and Hair According to Summer’s Eve

I guess on the outside, looking in… Black women have a different obsession with hair.  (This is a fact, especially coming from a hair obsessed blog).

Now, when trying to market to Black women, I don’t think it is wise to mention our hair obsession, and lack of Vagina obsession.  Just saying.


I mention this because of the recent Summer’s Eve’s Advertisements. (Click Read More for Video)

A Black hand talks about all the time spend in the club and, “hair on your head”, and the neglect to the hair down there while drawing a cactus.

The Latino hand starts off by saying “Aye, Aye, Aye” and then in a heavily accented voice mentions the “trashing the tacky leopard thong.”  She evens mentions the ease of child birth while several storks carrying babies are displayed. 

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If you are familiar with the term octoroon, you understand that if you are 1/8th black, you are considered a Black person despite all the generations of any other race that may be in your ancestry.  This law was an economic decision.  Keep Blacks enslaved = free labor, more wealth for plantation owners.

In other nations like China, being Black can means something different.  A while back on Naturally Sophia‘s blog I saw the story of Lou Jing.  Lou grew up in China with her Chinese mom, never knowing her African-American father.

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Whenever anyone looks at Lou Jing, they see a Black girl.  Besides her skin color, Lou Jing is Chinese.  She knows no Black people.  Due to our interesting world, Lou needs to labeled, and put things into a neat box of race that does not exist for her.

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