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Congratulations Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas

“I have an advantage because I’m the underdog and I’m Black and no one thinks I’d ever win,” she said. “Well, I’m going to inspire so many people. Everybody will be talking about, how did she come up so fast? But I’m ready to shine.”
-Gabby Douglas, NY Times

Gabby, First American (not just African-American) ever to win the team gold and the all-around gold in the same Olympics.

I was first introduced to Miss Gabby Douglas when she made the team.  A reporter asked her to do her happy dance, and she performed the dougie.

When a man has a great accomplishment, he is celebrated. With a female, it seems like we always diminish her accomplishments by making reference to her physical appearance.

In Gabby’s case it is her hair.  I am also annoyed that they show Gabby’s “two moms,” and little about her father who serves in the Air Force.

I love how Gabby is amazingly talented, AND has a great bubbly personality.  She is funny, laid back and just loveable.

Congratulations Miss Gabby Douglas!!

A Note to My Relaxed Sistas

imageThe Black Power movement showed the progression of the Black race.  For the first time in history, American Blacks had the opportunity to name themselves… African-American.  Terms like Negro and Colored were considered taboo.

Black history month is proof that African-American history is becoming more mainstream and common knowledge.  I learned few facts growing up, but the majority of my Black history knowledge was attained after high school in my undergraduate studies.

In gaining Black history knowledge or “consciousness” many people go through a Black Power stage, sometimes in an extreme sense.  To become pro-Black, as we know, does not necessarily mean anti-White or prejudice.  It is an expression of self pride.  An expression, which at a time, was absent in our mainstream society.

I consider this Black consciousness stage similar to the consciousness of natural hair.

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