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July Richmond Natural Hair Meetup

Our second meetup on Tue July 20th was a success!
The success is definitely attributed to…
…Melisa (created giveaways, took pictures and notes) Thank you!
…Venue Touch Ov Soul Thank you!
… and lastly, to all the beautiful naturals that said they were coming, and came! Thank you!

After an ice breaker to get acquainted we opening up one big group discussion.  I quickly learned people didn’t attend for information, but more for the fellowship.

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Natural Hair Meetup

Friday night I went to a Natural Hair Meetup.  It was refreshing being around all types of naturals.

Laverne, the Meetup Group organizer had a great format.  After introductions, we went through anonymous questions people wrote on pieces of paper.

We saw a few reoccurring themes among natural concerns

How has natural effected dating
Responses were mixed.  In our area of Richmond, Virginia it seems the ladies get less play being natural, but in metropolitan areas like DC it helps meet people.
“Some men just like long or straight hair”, said one of the older ladies thinking about transitioning.
One lady explained, she was watching tv with her boyfriend and he said something along the lines, if you ever cut your hair it would be over.  The rebel that she is, she went a cut her hair, and he hated it.  They broke up soon after.  If you’re in a relationship with someone who will breakup because of hair, was it a strong relationship to begin with?

A younger woman with an enormous fro said that her boyfriend liked her kinky twist extensions, but didn’t care for her large and in charge twist outs.  He then started to see all the attention her natural hair received, and shut his mouth.  He knew good and well someone would be waiting in line to date her!

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