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July Richmond Natural Hair Meetup

Our second meetup on Tue July 20th was a success!
The success is definitely attributed to…
…Melisa (created giveaways, took pictures and notes) Thank you!
…Venue Touch Ov Soul Thank you!
… and lastly, to all the beautiful naturals that said they were coming, and came! Thank you!

After an ice breaker to get acquainted we opening up one big group discussion.  I quickly learned people didn’t attend for information, but more for the fellowship.

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Today at work (my 9-5), I was greeted by a prospective client.  He stood about 5’6 dressed in a formal black suite with a white shirt.  I later learned he was a young preacher with a small church of fifty or so.  I was greeted by his warm eyes framed by glasses.  Then after our salutations, he yelled, what seemed to be at the top of his lungs, I LOVE YOUR LOCS.  It was loud enough for my entire office to hear. 

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