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Web series Make Me a Naturalista

Make Me A Naturalista HostsWhat if you can snap your fingers to summon a natural hair fairy god mother?

One that can assist you with your natural hair transition, styling, confidence and swag!  What about two fairy god mothers?

Yardley Messeroux (The Coil Review), and Natasha Gaspard (Mane Moves TV) are you new natural hair – god mothers on the web series Make Me A Naturalista!  The series has already published “The Story Behind Make Me a Naturalista” and two episodes.

Check out their first episode…

Webseries: The Unwritten Rules

I have many dreams of entrepreneurship.  In the meantime, I work full time as a sales person at a suburban hotel.  I find myself always saying “I’m not going to be another  stereotypical angry Black woman”….but man it can be difficult at times.  In my experience, “they” start by testing the water.  They say one little thing like “Why do your people….” Or using the word Ghetto to not describe something ghetto, but Black people as a whole.

As discussed in several posts, I love web series.  I feel like many web series are more aligned with mirroring my experiences verses shows I watch on national television.

I like watching shows like Last Man Standing and Suburgitory. They are entertaining, and make me laugh out loud.  They however, have nothing to do with my life experiences (unlike most Americans.).  I don’t watch shows like House of Pain, because their experiences are so far from what I experience and stereotypical.

Ms. Kim Williams, Executive Producer of The Unwritten Rules e-mailed us their latest episode featuring hair touching.  Uggh..I should be use to this one by now.

Watching the web series I chuckled.  I would like the rule book to help address the notion that “We all look alike”, “benefit from affirmative action” and “race doesn’t matter”.

More about the series @ http://www.theunwrittenrulesseries.com

Afrocity Here We go

I featured a post on Natural Hair Web-Series.  I am excited that the first episode for Afro City has just premiered…yipi!

The Afro City official website gives us the following synopsis:

“Afro City” is about a singer name Jazzman Love and her three best friends. One is an art gallery owner (Crystal), one a model (Ebony) and the other an earring designer (Fatimah). “Afrocity” follows these four women as they share their love, lives, ups, downs, art and fashion while maneuvering through the big city of Los Angeles, California and the Art district of downtown L A. Through good times and bad times,  these four Afronistas create a bond that will last a lifetime.

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Natural Hair Web-Series

I do not subscribe to cable television.  Some may think this odd, but I use it as somewhat of a safety net.  It started out as a way to save money, but the truth is I can’t handle it!  Once I turn on the TV, I end up watching it for at least four hours.  Any show or series becomes an obsession.  I keep telling my self, ‘You must see what happens next!’  It doesn’t really matter that I don’t have cable.  I still find things to watch in other outlets like netflix.

My newest entertainment fix is Black Women’s Entertainment Network.  I had no clue how popular Black web-series are!

I found a few series featuring characters with natural hair that caught my eye…



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